Unplanned downtime in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) industry firm is a gremlin that, when conquered, can boost plant efficiency and resilience.

In the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) industry, how can digital transformation (DX) help to drive enhanced business outcomes?

One EPC firm, Tecnimont (part of the Maire Tecnimont Group), has adopted DX to create new digital predictive and prescriptive maintenance services to boost business resilience and efficiency.

As an EPC contractor and global leader in the transformation of natural resources, the group has partnered with an industrial software firm to leverage its unique process, automation, and maintenance competencies to supply plant owners with customized digital products and solutions.

Under the partnership with AVEVA, the firm expects to achieve its goal to become the ‘contractor of the future’ to enhance overall value for plant owners through a suite of advanced digital products and services geared towards EPC customers. This is possible with the global rollout of Asset Performance Management (APM)) solutions across the Maire Tecnimont Group to enhance plant operability and lower maintenance costs through predictive maintenance powered by data analytics.

APM technology can be used to predict failures before they occur, thereby helping to reduce unplanned downtime as well as drive efficiency and safety throughout plant operations. The intelligent use of data is expected to “deliver increased information availability empowering better, more informed decision-making, and ultimately improving overall business performance,” according to their press statement.

Said Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO, Maire Tecnimont Group: “Digital transformation is one of the technology drivers most needed to give our industry a much-needed boost. This MoU with AVEVA complements our value proposition which focuses on our new digital services and solutions portfolio that has been designed to fully meet customer’s needs, while simultaneously improving our operational model through the creation of digital enablers.”

Over a 12-month period, the two firms will collaborate on a defined number of customer projects to promote the application of predictive maintenance technology for critical plant assets.