One month on from the last e-commerce report, we see a slowdown in three top growth categories.

Online commerce has become an essential part of life for most during this pandemic.

With many nations still in a semi-lockdown/Circuit Breaker phase, it would be interesting to see how the different e-commerce sectors are doing at the moment.

As such, here are some statistics for the week ending 17 May 2020 from advertising platform Criteo.

Note: % numbers are sales increase figures for the week ending on 17 May compared to the average data seen in 1 to 28 January 2020.

What do the numbers now show?

For the product segments with very high YOY increases, some cyclical patterns are observed before peaks across mid-March to mid-May. Out of the four top growing segments: cameras&optics, sporting goods, pet supplies and health&beauty, only the last sector is still seeing continued growth, while the other three are seeing slowdowns.

As per the previous report in DigiconAsia, Criteo has advised businesses to monitor category trends closely: they should focus on expanding segments such as home-based learning, remote-working, home fitness and entertainment.

Campaign calls-to-action should focus on inventory, last-mile delivery and experience. Said Pauline Lemaire, Criteo’s Director of Account Strategy for Large Customers, SEA, Hong Kong and Taiwan: “Engage the audience: explore interactive ad formats to engage with key shoppers as people spend more time at home and are looking to be entertained.”