In addition to that, group communications, volunteer training and operations are improved, leading to greater efficiency and morale.

Amid the need for pandemic control precautions at large scale sports events, a slew of digital technologies are increasingly being innovated and deployed.

For instance, in the upcoming 2022 Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou next September, over 100,000 participants from across the world will be using a cloud-based solution aimed at streamlining event administration, communications and operations.

Dubbed ‘Premium DingTalk’ by Alibaba Cloud, the creators of this solution and official Cloud Services partner of the Olympics 2020 this year, the technology provides a one-stop collaboration tool to connect stakeholders at all stages of the event hosting lifecycle: from organizers and suppliers to volunteers and venue operators—to enhance operational efficiency.

A single gateway allows different groups of event participants to join the platform anytime, anywhere, helping organizers to manage these groups individually, thereby streamlining workflows while facilitating effective communications within and between groups.

According to Selina Yuan, General Manager, International Business Unit, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, the solution is designed to help users manage and operate large-scale sports events in a more structured manner, leveraging an enterprise collaboration tool as well as cutting-edge cloud technologies and infrastructure. The platform also provides instantaneous multi-language translation, remote video conferencing and many other functions to ensure smooth and real-time information exchange.

AI-based simulation/training

Other sports solutions being offer for large-scale sports events include an AI-based simulation solution that can provide virtual training for event volunteers in a cost-effective manner.

Through AI algorithms, robots create an immersive training environment by simulating scenarios in the real world and generating insights into trainees’ achievements using a standardized and systematic ranking system. By analyzing training insights, these AI robots offer real-time feedback to volunteers and provide tailored retraining sessions to help them improve performance.

Another digital solution that is transforming sports events management is a cloud-based ticketing system to optimize digital ticketing services, adapted from a customer service system that was previously used by Alibaba Group marketplaces such as Taobao and Tmall. When any event needs to be rescheduled, the system automatically informs ticket holders and handles refund requests through conversational AI technology.