Consolidating all its data into a centralized platform can boost its services to customers while speeding up business decisions internally.

A broking firm in Singapore offering a suite of capital market products including Exchange Traded Derivatives, OTC Derivatives and Leveraged Foreign Exchange, was already offering services developed fully on cloud technology and an open architecture, in order to empower customers to trade more efficiently through technology and financial innovations.

Now, the firm has announced further investment in data cloud technology to offer even more advantages: provide personalized services for portfolio allocation and modelling through an integrative view of customer profile; enable smarter management of customer risk profiles through data analytics; and perform back testing on historical data and analytical insights from financial data to help customers make better decisions regarding their portfolios.

Orient Futures Singapore; a member of the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Asia Pacific Exchange (APEX), will leverage Snowflake’s Data Cloud to make smarter decisions powered by advanced data analytics.

As a financial institution, the firm has a responsibility to store its data securely, yet needs to be able to access data from different sources with high computing speed, to stay ahead in providing financial services to clients. It is constantly exploring ways to extract and analyze data from various sources with speed and security to progress towards its goal of being a data-driven, cloud-first digital brokerage.

The firm’s Head of Risk Management, Philip Huang, said that his firm can now use in-built security and governed scalability to easily consolidate all its data into a single, centralized platform: this will allow teams across various departments to easily prepare, transform, and compute data for business analysis and access near-real time insights via self-service for faster business decisions. “We are looking forward to seeing how Snowflake can improve our culture and enable smarter decisions for our clients.”

Snowflake’s Managing Director (South Asia), Geoff Soon, commented: “We hope to enable Orient Futures Singapore to tap on data analytics and data science to attain its vision of becoming a broker of the future.”