This is to enable the accelerated rollout of compelling wireless services in the country’s massive healthcare, education and transportation sectors.

In September 2019, mobile operator China Unicom entered into an agreement with China Telecom to jointly build one 5G access network across the country. While significantly saving on capital expenditure, the China Unicom would enjoy the doubling of 5G network coverage, bandwidth, capacity and transmission speed, providing users with better experience.

Currently, the two companies (China Unicom and China Telecom) share 50,000 5G base stations and jointly saved investment costs of RMB10bn. While achieving material savings in capital expenditure and operating expenses, China Unicom would see its 5G network quality become comparable with that of its competitors. In November 2019, China Unicom launched initial 5G services to deliver mobile connectivity to consumers in major Chinese cities.

Now, to ensure 5G smartphones and consumer premises equipment (CPE) comply with the latest 5G new radio (NR) standards, China Unicom has announced the selection of Keysight’s 5G wireless test platform to accelerate the rollout of compelling end-user mobile experiences and enhanced wireless services in healthcare, education and transportation.

By leveraging a secure, low-latency wireless connectivity fabric that combines 5G with Wi-Fi 6, cloud computing, NB-IoT and artificial intelligence, China Unicom expects to help customers to improve efficiencies in manufacturing, extraction of minerals, oil and gas, and harbor logistics. Keysight’s 5G wireless test platforms will be used to verify that new 5G mobile devices fulfil end-users’ expectations in terms of performance, security and privacy.

Said Lawrence Liu, General Manager (Asia Pacific), Keysight Technologies: “Keysight is committed to supporting a global 5G market predicted to serve more than two billion 5G subscriptions by 2025. (Our) agnostic and holistic approach to test, optimization and security, alongside key contributions to standards and partnerships, have led to many milestone achievements that are accelerating the global adoption of 5G and adjacent technologies.”