With a whopping 760 restaurants country-wide to manage, deriving business intelligence from all that data calls for upsized analytics.

Running and supporting 760 fast food restaurants in Russia has to be no mean feat. However, the Burger King master franchiser there is turning to real-time analytics and data-driven decision making to have IT their way.

Across all local point-of-sale databases in the restaurants spread out across the country, data will be collected and analyzed in real time and connected to other metrics such as customer experience to allow managers and employees to see their restaurant performance indicators and adjust output dynamically.

According to Pavel Vasilyev, Deputy Head of Information Technology Department, Burger King Russia: “As a business, we identified three areas we needed to address. First was a way to quickly respond and correct issues that affect our restaurant efficiency and customer service. Second was to allow management to provide detailed daily reports to relevant staff. And third was to have a single source of truth from all our data sources.”

Vasilyev reported that all the three requirements were met when the firm digitalized with a complete SaaS data analytics platform incorporating an ‘associative analytics engine’, AI and high-performance cloud functionality.

By consolidating data from the multitude of different systems, improving the decision-making process at all levels within the business and its restaurants, the burger firm can drive more value as a data-driven enterprise. 

According to Alexey Artemenko, Regional Director, Qlik Russia, the firm providing the analytics platform, the burger company can now “have a real-time view of a range of metrics such as revenue levels, sales of specific products and staffing levels—all to drive better performance and ultimately improve customer service (levels) in each of its restaurants.”