By tapping into a global cloud transformation infrastructure already covering all the bases, this insurance firm is digitalizing efficiently and purposefully

To enhance health and financial inclusion for communities across Asia and Africa an international insurance group announced a strategic tech partnership to accelerate its digital transformation to enhance user engagement.

Prudential plc (Prudential) runs the Pulse platform, which is part of its multi-channel strategy to make healthcare more accessible and to increase financial inclusion. The app for the platform, available in 17 markets and 11 languages, provides users with access to services such as health risk assessment and

online medical consultation, as well as digital wealth tools to optimize financial decision making.

In its new tech partnership with Google Cloud, the insurance firm expects to leverage data analytics, AI and ML tools to enhance customer interactions and to provide more-personalized, accurate healthcare information and education to app users.

The longer term strategy will be to adopt Google’s AI tech to make accessing insurance simpler; to drive greater efficiency; and to increase agent productivity. For example, through technology such as advanced analytics and AI, big data can be tapped to help insurance agents know their customers’ needs better, improve customer experience, and make claims submission, assessment and approval seamless and efficient.

According to Solmaz Altin, Managing Director, Strategic Business Group, Prudential: “Across our markets, people are living longer, but not necessarily healthier and better. Harnessing technology, we want to empower (more) people (especially across Asia and Africa and those who cannot easily access health and financial resources) to live well for longer by making it easier for them to take care of their health and plan for their financial future.”

Google Cloud’s CEO Thomas Kurian noted: “Prudential is a significant partner of ours… together (we) will make it easier for people to safeguard their health and protect their finances for the long term with digital tools that are accessible.”