A global survey of digital experience preferences hints at the emergence of demanding digital natives who expect smooth, easy app logins.

In an attempt to obtain a global picture of consumer preferences for online experiences across seven categories (education, retail, grocery, entertainment, financial, healthcare and government), a survey of 5,000 consumers may have uncovered what are at stake for organizations that fall short on delivering digital experiences.

Almost half (46%) of respondents throughout the US, UK, Germany, Australia and Singapore said they would not register for a new account if it was too difficult to sign up. Respondents seemed to have a short fuse when it came to poor digital experiences, with 35% cancelling or deleting an app if they had trouble logging in, with 32% citing they would switch to a competitive service or app.

For 72% of the respondents, getting locked out of accounts was more frustrating than forgetting to bring along their face mask (44%) or not finding toilet paper at the store (51%). Globally, consumers were turning away from traditional passwords and usernames, preferring passwordless options like biometrics or multifactor authentication (MFA) to log in where available (57%).

Finally, 70% cited preventing their data from being resold to third parties was a top priority when considering app features.

Young users most difficult to please

According to the survey by digital identity solutions provider ForgeRock, consumers above 65 gave the highest ratings overall for digital experiences, but those 18-24 were the most difficult to please. Across the globe, the Gen Z age group was most likely to delete their account (37%) or change service providers (34%) if they had a difficult login experience.

Said Ben Goodman, the firm’s SVP of Global Business and Corporate Development: “It’s imperative that organizations simplify how consumers sign up, log in and engage with their apps and digital services. Consumer identity is at the heart of any digital experience. By putting identity at the center of the digital relationship, organizations can provide better and more secure access for consumers.”

This hints that organizations that do not provide a seamless log-in experience could hurt their brand reputation with young buyers for years to come.