Mandating seamless collaboration across two new office towers required the media giant to consider self-healing automated network management.

A South Korean media conglomerate JoongAng Group, which runs a daily newspaper and leisure and multiplex amenities, has transformed its network across its two new office buildings using AI.

If the two buildings’ networks were not perfectly integrated, employees would have to go through cumbersome procedures, including configuring their IP settings and authenticating repeatedly. Therefore the group wanted a fast, seamless wireless network that would bridge the two physically separated buildings, and planned their infrastructure based on a smart office concept centered on providing a fast, seamless wireless network.

According to the firm’s director Young Ki Kim, with AI-driven proactive automation and self-healing capabilities, the group “will be able to provide a secure work environment with a focus on uninterrupted workflows for all of our employees. As an organization built on a network-based work environment, we expect to evolve and diversify our offerings in the future, which will result in a demand for higher speeds.” Kim was confident that the various AI-driven network upgrades will drive value in every corner of the organization and “put it in a strong position for continued growth.”

The group selected Juniper Networks’ wired and wireless network solutions as they were evaluated as being able to fulfil all of the firm’s needs, and were already being deployed in the building of the first office tower. In particular, the wireless access points equipped with Wi-Fi 6 met the need for enterprise-grade performance, while an AI engine replaces manual IT tasks with proactive automation and self-healing. 

The integration of the two buildings’ networks was completed this year, resulting in “exceptional user and device experiences”. Since deployment, the company has introduced a security and emergency response system that leverages patented virtual Bluetooth LEtechnology for indoor location tracking without the need for battery powered beacons. With the AI-driven network in place, the group claims it has jumped a step ahead of the industry in terms of network efficiency, leveraging automation and insights to lower IT costs while maximizing the end-user experience.

Said Juniper Network’s country manager for Korea, Ki Byung Chai: “In an industry where the fast exchange of accurate information is crucial, the introduction of leading-edge networks is essential to taking the front-runner position among fierce competition.”