Latest Microsoft-ASME study unveils some gaps in Singapore SMEs’ digital transformation – especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft and ASME have launched the 2020 findings of a joint SME Digital Transformation Study.

Although 80% of SMEs in Singapore are aware of digital transformation and 83% now have digital transformation strategies in place, more than half (54%) of these SMEs reported delays in their digitalization plans due to COVID-19.

This suggests that while the pandemic has fast-tracked digitalization for many companies, SMEs may be struggling to keep up.

Furthermore, despite higher adoption of digital transformation, only 2 in 5 SMEs perceive their efforts to be successful.

First conducted in 2018, this year’s study surveyed 400 business owners and key IT decision makers of Singapore SMEs from across 15 industries over the period of March to June 2020.

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