Put more of you data to work – from the edge to the cloud.

The cornerstone of digital transformation lies in data management. As enterprise data proliferates at an unprecedented pace, companies are grappling with the challenge of ever growing amounts of data left unutilized – a huge opportunity loss in terms of revenue, profits, and productivity.

Over the next two years, enterprise data is projected to increase at a 42.2% annual growth rate. The proliferation of data is driven by the increased use of analytics, IoT devices, and cloud migration. All this data is a potential goldmine.

But, according to Seagate’s Rethink Data report, only 32% of data available to enterprises today is put to work. The remaining 68% goes unleveraged. It proposes a solution to today’s data management dilemmas: DataOps — the discipline of connecting data creators with data consumers.

This infographic highlights the key findings of this new report.

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