GenAI, TuringBots and IoT security poised to deliver the fastest ROI for organizations, with the rapid acceleration of AI innovation sparking a surge in other emerging technologies.

Forrester has unveiled the top 10 emerging technologies for 2024, organized based on their “benefit horizon” to help business and technology leaders answer the main question: “When will this technology be able to help my firm?”

  • Offering significant benefits within two years are genAI for visual content, genAI for language, TuringBots, and IoT security.
  • Mid-term emerging technologies with benefit horizon of two to five years include AI agents, autonomous mobility, edge intelligence, and quantum security.
  • Those that will take at least five years to deliver tangible value for most firms and use cases, include extended reality (XR) and Zero Trust Edge (ZTE).

For details of each emerging technology’s current use case level in specific industries, check out this infographic.