Latest Cisco AppDynamics App Attention Index reveals that brands have only one shot to win over customers.

Cisco AppDynamics has released its latest report in its App Attention Index research series, revealing consumer reliance on applications and digital services has soared since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global study, which examined digital behaviors of more than 13,000 global consumers, also identified consumers now have a zero tolerance policy for poor application experience and automatically place blame on the application and brand, no matter where a performance issue stems from.

Key findings include:

  1. 76% of consumers say their expectations of digital services have increased since the start of 2020
  2. 60% of consumers now blame the application and brand when they encounter a problem with a digital service, irrespective of the issue
  3. 57% of consumers claim brands have one shot to impress them and if their digital service does not perform, they won’t use them again

Check out this infographic for more findings.

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