Asia Pacific & Japan businesses focusing on increased collaborations and service expansions

The 2022 Technology Ecosystem Benchmark Report identified key themes for APJ technology businesses, based on in a 24- to 36-month outlook.

Some highlights from the study include:

    • 94% of businesses view increased IT ecosystem engagement as an important growth strategy
    • 75% expect to sell more professional and managed and services in the next 3 years
    • 53% of APJ end-customers want as-a-Service (aaS) consumption options
    • 12% to offer AR/VR/metaverse solutions by 2024

Key findings from the Report include:

    • Security, servers and storage continue to be profit drivers
    • Growth forecast is increasingly Hybrid Cloud
    • Services are the new black
    • As-a-Service (aaS) enters the mainstream
    • Metaverse: Ignore at your own risk?
    • ESG can be a high-impact solution to turn challenges into business advantages

For actual numbers, check out this infographic.

Check it here.