How one of Australia’s largest bank pulled off an ambitious loyalty program within tight deadlines and regulatory guidelines.

One of the largest banks in Australia launched a cloud-based customer loyalty program within extremely-tight deadlines and requirements, thanks to two technology partners that collaborated well due to the benefits of technology.

The loyalty program involved the bank’s appointment of a vendor specializing in travel experience and customer loyalty. However, given the extreme deadlines and requirements, the bank’s existing system was in need of enhancements.

The vendor, Collinson Group, subsequently appointed a technology partner to migrate some of the bank’s applications to the Cloud to create a unified platform where its products can interact with each other and perform better.

The bank had to content with only a single point of interaction: Collinson. This simplified the loyalty platform’s overall management and ultimately improved card loyalty customer activities such as redeeming points, across multiple channels.

Said the vendor’s Head of Software R&D/FS&R Loyalty, Ravisankar Sundararaj: “The results have been extraordinary. We were able to meet very tight deadlines from the bank, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Rackspace Technology from all levels for this project.”

Collinson’s tech partner, which had been in Amazon’s limelight recently, was able to move the bank’s functions away from legacy data centers and towards the cloud to reduce complexity and expense. Together, the two vendors created a unified, cloud-based solution to enhance program management while meeting the Australian banking industry’s exacting requirements.

The partnership had given Collinson confidence in the platform’s ongoing security and compliance with industry regulations. Said Tolga Tarhan, CTO, Rackspace Technology: “Since Collinson works with many customers in financial services, creating a repeatable solution centered around security, compliance, and speed was paramount. The company now has the tools and processes in place to support customers in the future.”