Enhancing the logistics experience with AI-powered chatbot and marketing.

Powered by Fusionex’s GIANT engine, DHL’s new intelligent chatbot, DHLontheGo, utilised WhatsApp to revolutionise customer engagement, streamlining shipment processes and offering valuable assistance during the pandemic.

This collaboration has deepened with Fusionex providing AI-powered marketing solutions to boost traffic to DHL’s platform, enabling DHL to expand its digital capabilities and better serve evolving customer needs.

Committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience and satisfaction from the start, DHL partnered with Fusionex to enhance its on-demand logistics services and optimise its processes for streamlined customer journeys, eliminating delays inherent in complex logistics procedures.

Building a seamless digital experience that reflects the speed of DHL’s international shipping solutions was not an easy feat. With Fusionex’s expertise, DHL developed cutting-edge features that seamlessly integrated with their services.

Instead of developing a standalone mobile app for DHL, Fusionex created a separate platform that quickly and efficiently attends to DHL customers’ delivery needs. This approach saved time and resources, eliminating the need for periodic upgrades and avoiding competition with other apps.

A GIANT step forward

Powered by Fusionex’s GIANT engine, DHL can tap into leads from SME markets through a plug-and-play automation channel. This solution fits the company’s requirements for an accessible, intelligent, and scalable tool that promotes productivity and supports micro-enterprises. 

DHL chose WhatsApp as the platform to host their new smart chatbot called DHLontheGo due to its high penetration rate of 91% in Malaysia. DHLontheGo is an automated conversation engine that revolutionises DHL’s customer engagement and streamlines their shipment processes, leading to significant time savings for customers.

The chatbot was also invaluable during the pandemic, as customers could safely utilise DHL’s on-demand pick-up service from the comfort of their homes.

Leveraging the NLP engine and Robotic Process Automation, the chatbot accurately identifies messages and responds without delay. In the case of complex queries, it seamlessly directs customers to an advisor for further assistance. From initial greetings to final approvals, the AI chatbot delivers a continuous virtual conversation, assisting customers with queries, payments, bookings, and more. 

Fusionex and DHL are committed to deepening their technological partnership, with Fusionex offering their GIANT-powered AI-marketing solutions to boost traffic to DHL’s platform.

The end-to-end collaboration has empowered DHL to expand their digital capabilities, from analysing and interpreting customer data to gaining real-time insights on pick-up hotspots and market demand. This collaboration solidifies the benefits for DHL and paves the way for new opportunities to better serve customers and fulfil their evolving needs.