Challenges, opportunities and strategies for smart manufacturing in the digital economy

Asia is recognized as the manufacturing hub of the world and a strong driving force behind the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) landscape.

In this fast-changing landscape, often also referred to as the Industry 4.0 revolution, many emerging Asia Pacific economies have the potential to leapfrog ahead of other developing nations, with strong support from governments to ramp up sustainable manufacturing capabilities, digital transformation across industry sectors, and increased interconnectivity.

What does smart manufacturing look like in this cloud-first and data-driven era? What business outcomes can be expected from the perspectives of both customers and employees? How would the digital experience be?

To answer these questions and more, DigiconAsia and Epicor co-organized a virtual panel discussion focused on providing practical and strategic insights into the challenges and opportunities in smart manufacturing, as well as best practices for transforming into smart manufacturers.

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