Crossing the Hurdles in Your Cloud Transformation Journey

Strategies and solutions to overcoming challenges and winning the race to the cloud

Recognizing the need to digitally transform to stay relevant and successful in the digital economy, many organizations have been racing to the cloud for that much-needed agility for transformation.

Over the last few years, however, that journey to the cloud has itself been transforming, as new challenges and opportunities present themselves. For instance, enterprise cloud strategy discussions have evolved from public vs private clouds to hybrid clouds and multi-cloud.

With cloud-related investments representing a third of all IT spending today, and the accelerated transformation made necessary due to safety distancing measures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, you can be sure there are obstacles to clear in this race to the cloud.

DigiconAsia and Micro Focus have come together to bring you a virtual expert panel discussion on the challenges, opportunities and strategic best practices in the cloud journey, with highlights from some success stories in the region.