Ready for it or not — AI technologies are waiting to help redefine problems and solutions in the digital and sustainability era.

AI has been gaining ground in the past two years, and we in the tech industry have much to be thankful for, as we approach AI Appreciation Day (created in 2021 by A.I. Heart LLC) on 16 July.

The technology progressed especially tremendously in the last year, with many more promises and growth opportunities on the horizon. (Editor’s note: the precautions raised by top experts about the control of Generative AI advancements have also been making the news)

There are three broad areas where we see AI making a big contribution:

    1. Driving intelligence at the edge

      The amount of data generated by smart edge devices and a large number of ingestion points can overwhelm compute, storage and networks at the edge. AI can enable edge-level analytics to process and selectively pass on data during ingest, create different tiers of data service, and speed up data movement.

    2. Increasing performance at the core

      The network core is the heart of organizations’ AI data pipeline, and it demands high I/O performance. There is room for AI to be deployed to pre-process data and feed the data to the neural networks for model training, removing performance bottlenecks and accelerating AI workloads.

    3. Accelerating analysis in the cloud

      AI and the cloud are natural bedfellows, with the cloud offering an ideal environment to develop AI workflows, run proofs of concept, and form a foundation to expand on. With the right guidance, more organizations can take advantage of this synergy going forward.

To unleash the full potential of AI, it will be essential for organizations to build a data pipeline or fabric that spans across on-premises, hosted data center and hyperscaler cloud, with real time visibility and manageability. This will let organizations harness all available information in real time and ultimately, maximize business impact.

The future of AI is dazzling, with many more applications expected to emerge over the next year that we do not yet envision today. Hold on tight for an exhilarating ride.