One smart way to tackle 3 Industry 4.0 challenges

Why manufacturers need the right ERP solution to succeed in digital transformation and growth.

One smart way to tackle 3 Industry 4.0 challenges

Not long ago, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation were the domain of first movers only. Today they are high on the agenda for every manufacturing business.

Almost three-quarters of the respondents to a PwC survey on Industry 4.0 were expecting to be at a high level of digitization and integration in 2020, compared with only a third reporting such a high level in 2015.

For some, “Industry 4.0” and “digital transformation” are synonymous — alternative terms for the fundamental business changes facing manufacturers. For others, the former refers more narrowly to a set of manufacturing technologies at the heart of a wider digital transformation.

Whichever camp you’re in, it doesn’t change the fundamental nature and scale of the revolution taking place, nor the challenges facing manufacturers as they try to identify and take the right steps to survive, thrive, and grow.

Learn more about the three key strategic and technological challenges of Industry 4.0:

  • Widespread integration
  • Vast amount of data to manage
  • New sources of risk

This report also offers an in-depth look at key characteristics that make an ERP investment the best choice for manufacturers. Find out how investment in the right ERP solution can help you address all three challenges!


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