Make-to-order manufacturing

MTO manufacturing today is all about driving growth, customer experience and profit through greater visibility and insight.

Make-to-order manufacturing

Make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers that don’t transform their work processes and methods will struggle to keep up.

Digital transformation helps Make-to-order manufacturers gain visibility and insight. You can optimize the customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and drive profitable growth. It also enables you to build a foundation for the future — positioning you to take advantage of advanced technologies when you’re ready, such as:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)—opening new windows of visibility into the manufacturing process
  • Advanced analytics—for better and more informed decision-making
  • Cloud-based capabilities—enabling real-time visibility, improving information access, and enhancing collaboration

Investing in the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software will help you drive the long-term success of your digital transformation program.

In this eBook, Epicor shares 5 key trends in Make-to-order manufacturing, and delves into how choosing the right ERP solution can help you address them by delivering greater visibility and insight to: 

  • Deliver a great customer experience
  • Make operations as efficient as possible
  • Drive business growth and profitability

Check out the 5 trends you need to be aware of, and how you could take Make-to-order manufacturing to greater heights of customer experience, operational efficiency and business profitability.


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