Whitepaper:  Leveraging workload management automation for business success

How workload management automation promotes business speed, scale and growth
Leveraging workload management automation for business success

Enterprises rely on Information Technology (IT) more than ever before, as employees, business partners and customers all expect to interact with the enterprise and each other digitally.

Business growth and business success require successful workload management automation to improve compliance, reduce errors, and provide self-service opportunities and better information and interaction with the enterprise.

Hitachi JP1/AJS3, the top WLA tool organizations use, addresses the two biggest pain points of WLA users, including the cost and upgrades, in which costs are not driven by additional workloads and users can expand product use and control when upgrades occur, resulting in a large and loyal customer base.

This whitepaper explains the increasing importance of workload automation and how it can support a broader enterprise automation strategy.


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