Tips & Strategies: How to minimize ransomware exposure in daily file exchanges

Ransomware attacks APAC businesses via employee file exchanges that require a multilayered data protective approach.
How to minimize ransomware exposure in daily file exchanges

Protect data from ransomware attacks using a multilayered approach when exchanging files through emails, third-party tools, and media, which involves device protection, data backup, machine learning utilization, and eradicating infected files. 

Securing daily file exchanges is crucial for businesses because employees are the innocent victims of ransomware attacks, in which unauthorised plugging of removable USB devices and downloading a compromised file from suspicious emails can jeopardise data.

Experts highly recommend securing data and devices, detecting vulnerabilities, and recovering from a ransomware attack with Cohesity & EasiShare.

This paper identifies the different ways ransomware attacks affect business data and systems during employee file exchanges and the best solutions to this cybersecurity problem.

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