With the promise of low-code, the alliance can allow more businesses to milk insights from their invisible or disparate data sources.

In a move to pitch cloud-based data management services, two cloud data platforms have struck an alliance to ease the process of data migration and analytics.

Boomi (a Dell Technologies business), a provider of cloud-based Integration Platform-as-a Service (iPaaS), will work with enterprise data management platform Snowflake to take charge of the entire data lifecycle for customers: discovery, preparation, integration, migration, transformation, storage, and visualization—and ultimately help companies gain real-time data insights.

The promise is that, in minutes, customers can rapidly move data into the Snowflake cloud data ecosystem, integrate application information, create custom apps based on the Snowflake data and push real-time insights to the people who need it most, using a low-code approach.

For customers of Snowflake to have the best experience possible, Boomi has achieved validation that its data catalog and preparation service adhere to Snowflake best practices. The validation program allows customers to distinguish between the multitude of available integrations to the Snowflake platform.

Low-code process

Boomi’s SVP Product Ed Macosky said: “As much as 70% of an enterprise’s data remains undiscovered. Boomi helps customers find, understand, and rapidly and reliably move that data to Snowflake where it can be used to power insights, key decisions, and business processes—all without touching code.”

Colleen Kapase, VP of Partners and Alliances, Snowflake said: “The alliance is exciting due to the breadth of capabilities Boomi’s platform delivers. The combination provides our customers with an opportunity to accelerate their investment in Snowflake.”

According to one customer, a global B2B seafood supplier: “With (this new service), our analysts have the ability to drill into their data, combine it in ways not previously possible, and apply data science so our business can optimize logistics and be a better corporate citizen in carbon footprint reduction. The partnership enhances our value and benefits everyone involved… and provide better outcomes for our business and customers,” said Scott Underwood, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence, Cooke Aquaculture Inc.