KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The world of online trading is constantly changing, and at a pace faster than ever before in the past few months. As new technologies are implemented in the industry, more and more brokerages join in, offering a multitude of services to potential clients. However, most of them fail to become professional enough to provide a viable market experience. One name that recently stands out positively, though, is XFortunes, which has announced the launch of its new online trading website.

“We are happy to present a new type of online brokerage experience,” explained Vick Rowmann, spokesperson for XFortunes. “Traders can say goodbye to hefty fees, imcompetent service and a mechanism which relies on outdated technology. We’re here to change all of that, with the help of an out-of-the-box mindset and a client-centric approach. I would like to personally thank the thousands around the world who have already registered for our services, and invite every market participant to give us a try. I’m sure they won’t be disappointed.”

Technology is the name of the game

XfFortunes manages to provide the extra edge to traders with the help of superior technology, in the form of its proprietary WebTrader. This new platform requires no downloading and installation, and is compatible with all commonly-used browsers. Aside from that, the WebTrader is also designed to be user-friendly and to include various proven tools, necessary for a thorough analysis of the market.

“This platform is the product of months of hard work, with our best minds on the task,” added Rowmann, “but that’s not all. We also provide the highest standard of customer support service when necessary. We know that it’s not only about technology, it is also about the human touch – and we do our best to provide that.”

About XFortunes

Serving a global clientele of market enthusiasts, XFortunes today has become a rising star in the online brokerage sector. This is mainly thanks to the wide array of trading instruments offered, under tight security protocols and encryption. The broker offers CFDs on forex, indices, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies, alongside a choice of no less than 6 account types. Traders interested in joining XFortunes are welcome to check out the Promotions page on the website, which is updated regularly, as well as to contact one of the brand’s representatives via the online chat function.