TAIPEI, July 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, has been recognized by HR Asia Magazine with the prestigious “HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia” award. This accolade highlights ViewSonic’s success in creating an excellent employee experience, fostering career growth, promoting a learning organization, and cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace. The company has also taken concrete actions to align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically focusing on “Good Health and Well-being,” “Decent Work and Economic Growth,” and “Gender Equality.” These efforts have distinguished ViewSonic among competing companies, earning this honor for two consecutive years.

ViewSonic received HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work For in Asia award for the second consecutive year, standing out among numerous participants.
ViewSonic received HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work For in Asia award for the second consecutive year, standing out among numerous participants.

The “HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia” award is the most significant employer branding accolade in Asia-Pacific. It utilizes a comprehensive Total Engagement Assessment Model to evaluate employees’ genuine perceptions of their employers. The evaluation results show that ViewSonic’s various indicators exceed the average in the market, particularly in “Sustainable Workplace,” “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion,” and “Culture & Ethics,” highlighting employees’ high recognition of the company’s environment and culture.

James Chu, Chairman and CEO of ViewSonic, acknowledged the pivotal role of the company’s employees in its transformation. He stated, “ViewSonic has successfully evolved from a hardware company into a solutions provider and is now a leader in EdTech and visual technology. This transformation is a testament to every employee’s dedication and hard work. Asia has many outstanding software and hardware development talents who are key drivers in accelerating our digital transformation and promoting innovative technologies and applications. We are delighted to receive this honor and hope to continue integrating our R&D capabilities, collaborating with ecosystem partners to innovate, implement sustainable concepts, and shape the future of education and workplace environments.”

Gary Wang, Human Resources Director for APAC at ViewSonic, added, “Employee growth and self-value recognition are at the core of the company’s sustainable development. In recruitment, we focus on employees’ skills and seek talents who align with the company’s culture and core values. Besides providing a beautiful working environment, health and wellness activities, and various skill enhancement courses, we have fully promoted AI-related training and introduced AI-assisted tools this year. We hope to enable employees to use these tools effectively and achieve greater efficiency. In the second half of the year, we will continue recruiting more AI and software technology talents to inject innovative energy and create more world-class solutions.”

AI Workshops and Leadership Training: Balancing Work Skills and Soft Skills

In response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, ViewSonic provides various learning resources and work assistance tools, including skill growth courses, hands-on workshops, and on-the-job training subsidies to help employees achieve their personal career growth goals. In addition to regular skill training and leadership development courses this year, AI workshops were introduced to encourage continuous learning and efficient work. ViewSonic also values “soft skills” development and young talent leadership training programs.

An Inclusive and Caring Workplace

The company promotes work-life balance by offering flexible working hours from 8 AM to 10 AM and an employee assistance program to help colleagues cope with various life challenges, including financial planning, stress management, personal relationship counseling, and childcare and eldercare services. ViewSonic is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and fair work environment, maintaining close to a 1:1 gender employment and pay ratio, and implementing equal pay for equal work to attract professional talent.

Continuous Innovation: Returning Sustainable Value to Society

With a spirit of humanistic care, ViewSonic engages in corporate social responsibility actions to bridge resource gaps, promoting paperless solutions to assist industry digital transformation and reduce environmental pollution. The company also strives to promote educational equity and enhance art and cultural development, fulfilling its responsibilities as a global citizen. For example, since 2021, ViewSonic has partnered with the Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens at the TurkeySyria border. It uses its solutions to create outdoor cinemas and provide interactive teaching and remote collaboration equipment. These initiatives help displaced people return to everyday life and empower local teachers through digital technology, improving education quality for children and women. ViewSonic is committed to enhancing teaching quality and educational equity, implementing digital transformation in education globally.

About ViewSonic

Founded in 1987 in California, ViewSonic is a leading global visual solutions provider with a presence in over 100 countries. The company leverages over 35 years of expertise in visual technology to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, content, and services. ViewSonic offers a wide range of products, with screen sizes spanning from 5 inches to a massive 760 inches. This includes interactive displays, large format displays, LED displays, pen displays, monitors, projectors, SaaS, AI services, interactive content, and more. This innovative ecosystem empowers education, workplaces, and individuals to foster creativity, collaboration, and seamless learning. ViewSonic focuses on designing products that deliver optimal performance and customer satisfaction while integrating sustainable production practices and upholding comprehensive environmental, social, and governance standards. The company’s goal is to enable customers to “See the Difference”. Learn more at