HANOI, Vietnam and NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation (VHT) and UfiSpace announces their business plans to deploy Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways for Viettel’s Massive 5G roll out. VHT develops 100G Cell Site Router software and UfiSpace provides hardware and supports with a related expertise. The collaboration focuses on perfecting performance synchronization for 5G services and development of Viettel’s Cell Site Router and Data Center Switch in the future.

The Cell Site Router is a device specially designed for application in the transmission infrastructure for 5G networks, applying the most advanced technologies in the access layer of the metro network to meet 5G application services. VHT is the first unit to conduct product research in Vietnam. The Cell Site Router must undergo a rigorous evaluation process with more than 20,000 tests on the features and performance of the device. This is a very proud milestone for the project team as well as for the journey to perfect the 5G ecosystem that Viettel has completely mastered 100% from research to production.

UfiSpace will deliver their S9500 Series of disaggregated cell site gateways that come with a wide range of network (1/10/25/100G) and timing (ToD, 1PPS, BITS and 10MHz) interfaces and will handle increased data volumes from 5G Viettel services, with support for 4G and 3G networks. With Class-C timing accuracy and support of SyncE and IEEE 1558v2, the S9500 Series can be used as both grand master, boundary, and slave clocks, and will reduce deployment complexities for Viettel.

For the latest network rollout, VHT has developed a Network Operating System (NOS) that will be used for transport network management and application deployments within the group’s operators. VHT and UfiSpace have completed initial testing with 25 100G Cell Site Routers.

“At Viettel High Technology, we always focus on research and production of cutting-edge technology solutions for our customers and national security,” said Nguyen Vu Ha, General Director of VHT. “We are proud to release our NOS into production; working along with UfiSpace DCSGs, it will improve operations efficiency for our operators and have their networks prepared for the modern age of 5G services. We selected UfiSpace white box routers as they offered the most futureproof option for our network modernization and will serve an ideal platform for our NOS.”

“We are humbled to be working with Viettel who thrive to deliver the most innovative technologies into their network and are among the first operators in South East Asia to deploy a massive 5G roll out with their own NOS,” says Vincent Ho, CEO of UfiSpace. “It is a great experience for our team to collaborate with Viettel and we are confident that our disaggregated cell site gateways will allow Viettel to reach their target in network performance, reliability, and bring more value to their customers.”

About Viettel High Technology

Viettel has built a large 4G telecommunications infrastructure covering 97% of Vietnam population and has become a pioneer in 5G adoption in Vietnam. Viettel’s 5G services are available in 16 cities and provinces in Vietnam to date. Viettel develops full network elements including Devices, Radio Access Network (RAN), Transmission Network, and Core Network which are forming a strong foundation for digital society.

Viettel High Technology is the research and development arm of Viettel and in charge of design, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of telecom solutions.

About UfiSpace

UfiSpace is a leading provider for end-to-end 5G networking solutions for telecommunication companies, cloud service providers and data centers. Through passion, dedication, and engineering excellence, our innovative 5G technologies has led to worldwide deployments of our disaggregated cell site gateway routers (DCSG) and the world’s first Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) routing system for a disaggregated IP/MPLS backbone. With a vertically integrating supply chain, we deliver high quality and cost-effective open networking solutions with the goal of accelerating industry growth and lowering the costs of 5G deployments for our customers. To keep updated with UfiSpace’s latest activities please follow us on LinkedIn.


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Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation, Viettel Group

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