CHANGZHOU, China, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trina Solar’s Vertex S Aesthetic Module, an upgraded product highly anticipated by global customers, has arrived in Europe, Australia, Japan and other markets recently. It is the first solar PV module to win the Red Dot Award and is turning heads because of its efficient and reliable performance and an outstanding design and visual appearance, making it a favorite among distributed solar rooftops in global markets.

Vertex S Aesthetic Module, a ground-breaking innovation, defines the category of aesthetic black solar modules through all-around top and precise technology, including cells, bus bars, back sheets, frames, glass, modules, and packaging, delivery, unpacking, and installation in rooftop scenarios.

The high-standard design is aesthetically appealing in every detail, aiming to provide customers with an enjoyable experience of high technology and aesthetics that co-exist in harmony.

Trina Solar, keenly aware of customer demand for products both technologically sophisticated and aesthetically appealing, has become one of the first leading companies in the industry to develop and launch an aesthetic black PV module.

Define Aesthetic Module by three dimensions

1. Black solar cell defines a rigorous aesthetic principle

Trina Solar is committed to innovatively upgrading film-forming technologies, improving the cell appearance graphic processing capabilities through the rigorous automated vision algorithm solutions, to achieve consistency in color and free of any flaw.

2. Aesthetic black module establishes the color uniformity criteria

Aesthetic glass: Trina Solar has innovatively developed and applied the double layer ARC (antireflection coating) glass technology that delivers a more consistent black effect to solar modules and reduces glass reflection.

Uniformity: The Vertex S Aesthetic Module also features strict control over the uniformity of black chromaticity, make for a seamless and scratch-free appearance, thus ensuring high stability and consistency in hue, brightness and uniformity.

In October, Trina Solar, led by the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, developed a group standard as for coating chromaticity.

3. Aesthetic black solar roof offers an all-round tech-savvy and aesthetic experience

Multiple rows of aesthetic black modules, installed on the same plane, present a uniform and consistent almost-all-black effect, regardless of the roof type and angle of inclination, perfectly blend with the building and the surroundings.

To deliver an all-around black experience, Trina Solar has also adopted an outdoor installation scenario-specific evaluation method to inspect precisely.

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