BEIJING, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — March 11, 2023, TOJOY, China’s largest business acceleration platform announced plans for its new Oxygen-negetiveBar Hotel business during the China Hotel Green Development Forum.

TOJOY CEO Ge Jun’s keynote on speech outlined TOJOY’s approach to unifying enterprises and talent on health issues to spur new business in China’s booming hospitality and health sectors.

TOJOY CEO Ge Jun announces the Oxygen Bar Hotel business.
TOJOY CEO Ge Jun announces the Oxygen Bar Hotel business.

The health and comfort of guests in hotels across China is an increasing priority for many hospitality businesses. According to Chinese Academy of Engineering medical and engineering expert Yu Mengsun, “Turning hotels into a healthy living environment that make use of air purification” can improve air quality in confined spaces and provide better sleep and recovery for guests.

TOJOY’s Oxygen-negetive Bar Hotel business will primarily integrate air purification technology known as Boss Health Hotel Oxygen-negetive Bar into existing hotels. Hotel clients can work with TOJOY partners to integrate and maintain negative ion generators to existing hotel rooms without additional investment to remodel rooms or air circulation systems. TOJOY says the resulting air conditions in rooms with the technology installed will be near forest-level. Hotels may find the service useful for aiding in room sterilization, disease prevention, better sleep for guests, and overall guest health.

Boss Health Hotel Oxygen-negetive Bar president Zhang He said that the service is operating in more than 63,000 rooms nationwide. This is the second phase of the technology service’s nationwide rollout, bringing a higher tech, lower investment model to entrepreneurs across the country.

According to Zhang, more than one thousand four- and five-star hotels have signed contracts with Boss Health Hotel Oxygen Bar, including well-known brands such as Jianguo Hotel, Narada, Marriott, Arcadia, and Wanda.

During the forum, Robam Health Technology Group also established a “China Hotel Association Oxygen Bar Hotel Special Working Group” under the guidance of China Hotel Association.