HANGZHOU, China, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of the Global Exhibitions Day (GED) on June 1, 2022, Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government joined hands with Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, International Association of Exhibitions and Events® (IAEE), and Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, to host the 2022 International MICE Culture Event and Global Digital Exhibition and Event Summit at the West Lake Expo Museum. Themed “Innovation in Digital Exhibitions Boosts Digital Trade”, the event brought together industry experts, scholars and international exhibition organizations to jointly discuss the new trends in digital exhibitions, with the goal of accelerating the standardization process across the sector. The success of the event shows that the city is well on its way to reviving the exhibition sector through the “Hangzhou Exhibition Industry in Action” initiative despite the global pandemic now in its third year.

Featuring a series of joint international launches, promotions of local brands and projects, and global digital exhibition roundtables, the event provides deep insights into the current status of the digital exhibition sector and related policies through an analysis of where the sector is going and what lies ahead, with a focus on exploring new possibilities and ways of building an integrated platform for the digital economy, digital exhibitions, and digital trade.

The Global Digital Exhibition Innovation (Research) Center opens

The Global Digital Exhibition Innovation (Research) Center was launched at the event. The center is expected to attract top executives from the industry’s leading companies to sit as board members with the mission of jointly discussing key topics such as how to develop the global digital exhibition market by setting industry standards, how digital exhibitions can help industrial development, and how to draw up a plan for the building of urban digital exhibitions, alongside the ultimate goal of putting the results of the research to good use in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Commerce&Tourism Group ties up with Informa Exhibitions

Hangzhou Commerce&Tourism Group and Informa Exhibitions announced a strategic cooperation at the event, in which, both parties will work together to deepen cooperation through integrating project resources with strong international exhibition operation experience, with the goal of further enhancing Hangzhou’s status as a key player in the world of exhibition services.

Creating future-oriented digital exhibitions in Hangzhou

The event invited a number of leading brands from the digital exhibition, digital economy, digital venue, digital culture and tourism, and digital education segments, among others, to engage in a discussion on the city’s ecology of digital exhibitions, providing potential solutions on how Hangzhou can, as a next step, enhance its standardization in the sector and form an integrated digital economy, exhibition and trade platform.

Boosting cultural confidence by integrating Chinese traditional elements

A major head-turner at the event was the exhibit put up by Oriental Boutique, a brand founded by renowned Chinese designer Wu Haiyan. Inspired by her comparative thinking on the confidence that China and its people have in its culture and on how Chinese cities could leverage their own advantages, the founder came up with a unique idea to revive the glory of Chinese silk after an around-the-world trip. The brand reflects a kind of Chinese aesthetic, through which the world can become acquainted with the diversity of Chinese culture.

Hangzhou rolls out a major new exhibition on the history and culture of the Chinese wedding

The summit highlighted the city’s major exhibition project – China International West Lake Wedding Celebration, sponsored by well-known Chinese liquor brand Wuliangye. As a key part of China International West Lake Expo in Hangzhou, the event highlights the three key elements of a Chinese wedding- the history, the traditions and, most particularly, the stylization that was developed during the Song dynasty period, with Hangzhou’s rich ancient culture and beautiful landscape scenery not only serving as the backdrop, but as the inheritor with the mission to keep the traditions alive for the benefit of all future couples (and their guests) during that key day when they tie the knot.