SHENZHEN, China, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Taoping Inc. (Nasdaq: TAOP, the “Company”), a developer of innovative smart cloud platform services and solutions, new media and artificial intelligence solutions, today unveiled a new, upgraded AI-powered smart terminal. This cutting-edge platform integrates AI Generative Artificial Intelligence (AIGC) with Taoping’s intelligent cloud platform technology and product capabilities, paving the way for intelligent, AI-driven smart terminals.

Taoping’s new enhanced AI-powered smart terminals leverage high-end video displays to seamlessly integrate AI technology. This facilitates rapid interaction, data collection, analysis, and more, optimizing the user experience. Initially targeting advertisers, these enhanced terminals enable them to autonomously generate diverse advertising content such as text-to-image, posters, and video ads. This capability aligns with tailored promotional strategies, offering a high degree of customization. This capability allows the terminals to engage audiences naturally and instantly, significantly enhancing the efficacy of advertising media within Taoping’s ecosystem.

Mr. Lin Jianghuai, Chairman and CEO of Taoping, commented, “It’s evident that AI has emerged as a central focus for our customers seeking cutting-edge terminal solutions. Over the past year, we’ve deliberately architected our new AI-powered smart terminals to capitalize on the advanced capabilities of AI, seamlessly integrating them with our renowned intelligent cloud platform technology. The initial feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Our enhanced terminals not only promise to boost efficiency and cost-effectiveness for business owners, but they are also poised to elevate customer experiences. By delivering faster, more accurate service, they have the potential to reduce  transaction costs significantly.”

“This represents a significant milestone in Taoping’s cloud strategy. While the initial application in advertising scenarios marks a promising start, we anticipate a much broader utilization of our new AI-powered smart terminals across various sectors including environmental protection, government affairs, retail, culture, and tourism. Our focus is firmly on leveraging these exciting opportunities to drive growth, supported comprehensively by the Company’s expanded AI product series.”

The integration of 3D simulated digital technology introduces groundbreaking interaction methods through AI technologies. Equipped with ultra-realistic dynamic service capabilities, advertisers from a variety of  industries – including culture and tourism, catering, government affairs, finance, live streaming, and more – can now generate exclusive IP images that reflect with their unique characteristics.

At the same time, Taoping’s new AI-powered smart terminals comprehensively optimize and upgrade multiple functions, such as intelligent auxiliary settings of advertising categories, scenarios, and specifications, as well as advertisements cloud storage and publishing. Covering every phase from content creation, precise publishing to marketing, and interaction with data analysis, Taoping’s new AI-powered smart terminals will leverage AI to enhance each step of the process.

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