SHENZHEN, China, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 8th May, T3 Technology, Tuya Smart and Skyworth Digital (Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co., Ltd) announced a strategic cooperation, aiming to promote the development of the network-centric smart home field for the global market. Based on its own leading research and development strength and technical advantages, T3 Technology has combined with the product intelligence capabilities of Tuya IoT development platform and integrated Skyworth Digital’s network product technology to officially release the network-centric whole-house family smart ecosystem solution “Own the Household”, the ecosystem uses T3 Technology’s Smart APP as the entrance, the network access point as the center, and the cloud service as the engine to provide customers with a manageable, visualized, maintainable, and expandable smart ecosystem for end users. Provide a more friendly, more convenient and easier-to-use smart home comprehensive solution.

Tuya Smart Asia Pacific GM Ross Luo, T3 Technology CEO Leo Yu, GM of Skyworth's Overseas Access Network Division Daniel Xu
Tuya Smart Asia Pacific GM Ross Luo, T3 Technology CEO Leo Yu, GM of Skyworth’s Overseas Access Network Division Daniel Xu

T3 Technology is a new force among high-tech enterprises in Thailand. It was established in 2018 and headquartered in Bangkok. It provides leading integrated network solutions for Thai enterprises and users. It serves more than 5 million household users in Thailand, ranking first in the household broadband market share, and continues to maintain a leading position in new network technologies. It is the first to introduce WiFi6 and WiFi7 technologies into Thailand, to comprehensively improve the network service experience of Thai users.

Tuya Smart is a leading technology company dedicated to making life smarter. It provides a cloud platform that can connect everything intelligently, creates interconnected development standards, and connects brands, OEM manufactures, developers, retailers and various industries for intelligent needs. Tuya’s solutions empower and enhance the product value of partners and customers, and make consumers’ lives more convenient through technology.

Skyworth Digital is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on providing comprehensive and systematic digital home solutions and services for global users. It has formed “smart terminal, broadband equipment, professional display, and operation service” four major business segments, are committed to creating ultra-high-definition and smart interconnection + digital life.

The strong alliance among T3 Technology, Tuya Smart and Skyworth Digital will provide global users with a network-centric IoT smart ecology “Own the Household” for the first time, and jointly promote the rapid development of smart networks and smart homes.

Athena Wang