CHENGDU, China, June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On June 9, Shanghai Guijiu Co., Ltd. (SH600696), a rapidly expanding Chinese Baijiu brand, hosted an exclusive experiential event in Chengdu with the theme of ‘The Rare and Precious Masterpiece for the Future’. According to the strong mission to innovation and globalization, ultra-high-net-worth customers in Sichuan Province were invited to the future-oriented immersive premieres of the newly released Shanghai Guijiu International Collection. Through the debut of the International Collection, Shanghai Guijiu has expanded into the ultra-premium sauce-flavor Chinese Baijiu market.

As a high-end Chinese Baijiu product targeting international markets, it integrates Eastern and Western art and cultural elements as the core concept of the design which differs from the traditional baijiu products. The magnificent pattern of Eastern and Western classics was presented on the product package. The world-famous city’s landmark structures are connected in the form of three-dimensional relief and surround the entire bottle. The collection expresses the culture and craftsmanship of Chinese Baijiu. It reflects Shanghai Guijiu’s commitment to leading innovation in the spirits industry and advocates endless possibilities for continuous development.

‘As an emerging Chinese Baijiu brand, Shanghai Guijiu has always been dedicated to accelerating its growth through constant innovation and product redefinition,’ President of Shanghai Guijiu Co., Ltd., Cindy Gao said, ‘Shanghai Guijiu will continue to invest in new business models by modernizing its products while encouraging the industry’s long-term development in the future.’

Executive President and Business Unit President of Shanghai Guijiu Co., Ltd., Alan Yan claimed that, ‘We’ve had a multi-brand expansion plan since we started in the spirits business. Our main brand, Shanghai Guijiu, is aimed at the ultra-premium market. The Shanghai Guijiu International Collection marks a new chapter in the baijiu industry’s history, while also serves as a blueprint for all Chinese Baijiu companies looking to expand beyond their native markets.’

Shanghai Guijiu International Collection considers products as the carrier of cultures and communications. It offers great investment prospects due to its unique qualities and rarity. Shanghai Guijiu International Collection is an iconic product series that redefines trends in the Chinese Baijiu industry.

About Shanghai Guijiu

Shanghai Guijiu Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive baijiu group integrating tradition and innovation. Headquartered in Shanghai and globally focused, Shanghai Guijiu Co., Ltd. leads the innovation and development of the industry. Focusing on consumer demands, it creates exclusive personalized experiences.