GUANGZHOU, China, Feb. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In 2022, IDC issued the IDC Innovator Innovative Enterprise Award to non-enterprise customer groups (solution providers) for the first time. SequoiaDB won this award for its innovative application of the “lake-house integration” distributed database in the financial field.

SequoiaDB is Shortlisted for the IDC Innovator List and Rated as a Distributed Database Innovator
SequoiaDB is Shortlisted for the IDC Innovator List and Rated as a Distributed Database Innovator

IDC Innovator introduces emerging IT suppliers with innovative technologies and breakthrough business models through research on IT buyers such as CIO-level executives, investment institutions, IT department or business line professionals. The report judges from multiple dimensions, such as the company’s industry background, product concept, product features, and market performance, and selects innovative manufacturers with outstanding comprehensive performance in this market field.

SequoiaDB was founded in 2012. Over the past 10 years, it has been focusing on the use of distributed databases R&D to solve Big-Data business. By deepening the needs of the financial and banking industry, it has developed from “multi-model data lake” and “real-time data lake” to “lake-house integrated architecture”.

SequoiaDB shortlisted IDC Innovator this time mainly due to the unique positioning and value of product applications. With the deepening development of digitalization in all walks of life, SequoiaDB believes that the financial and banking industry not only needs a business-oriented “transaction core” that manages single result data, but also needs to build a “Data-Core” that is oriented to the full amount of data generated during business “Transaction-Core”.

The “Data-Core” oriented to the value of the full amount of data is not to compete with the traditional “Transaction-Core” database, but to solve the problem that the traditional transaction core database cannot manage through the “integrated lake-house” technical architecture based on the native distributed database Comprehensive requirements for massive data and multi-modal data processing, thus forming effective synergy with traditional “transaction core” databases. SequoiaDB serves the full amount of data of the enterprise. As the infrastructure of the “Data-Core” of the enterprise, it provides enterprises with real-time access to the full amount of cross-business data and decision-making basis based on unified data sources to realize the continuous release of data value.

Up to now, SequoiaDB has been used by more than 100 financial bank customers on a large scale, covering state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, provincial rural credit cards, city commercial banks, insurance, securities and other financial customers, and the cumulative number of corporate users exceeds 1,000. The largest operating cluster in the system that has been officially put into production, with a data volume of 1.4 trillion rows, a capacity of 3PB, and a scale of more than 400 servers. The customer who has been stably producing and running the Sequoia database for the longest time has been as long as 8 years. Compared with Hadoop-based big data solutions, SequoiaDB not only provides complete SQL capabilities, but also fully supports ACID, and provides an integrated fusion processing platform for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data through the integrated architecture of lakes and warehouses. data value”.

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