SHENZHEN, China, April 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Starting with a focus on women’s groups, Waton Securities International (Waton) officially established its Waton Welfare Team in 2021 and launched the “Follow Me · Yunjin Blossoms – Rural Women’s Welfare Project.” In the two years since the project was launched, Waton Women’s Welfare has been on the move, leaving countless heartwarming moments and fulfilling one meaningful mission after another for both Waton and the beneficiaries.

With the preparation and implementation of a series of welfare events such as the “131 Wish List for Rural Women,” the Mengjinglai Girls’ Summer Dai Culture Learning Experience Camp, and the Warmth for Left-behind Elderly, the Welfare seeds that Waton sowed in Yunnan gradually took root, sprouted, and bloomed into one flower after another. In 2022, as the welfare project developed further, that field of flowers presented us with one cluster after another.

Making Beautiful Changes Happen

The Follow Me Women’s Welfare Team held traditional handicraft experience activities and handicraft summer camps for girls in Mengjinglai Village, Daluo Town, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, and supported and led women in the village to carry out women’s interest cultivation activities. The launch of the Women’s Network Entrepreneurship Development and Optimization Plan, which is dominated by women’s network entrepreneurship, helped the beneficiaries find a new path to realize their self-worth. At the same time, the project also made valuable explorations in stimulating the confidence of ethnic minority cultures and discovering ethnic minority cultures, and accumulated valuable experience in women’s special services, driving the participation of local and external resources in border ethnic minority villages.

Moving Forward with Determination

The Waton welfare team stated, “We have always believed that no one is an island and should not be an island.” On the road of public welfare, Waton has never stopped its efforts. However, in many corners of the world, there are still many groups in various difficulties who need to be discovered, seen, and helped. They are in remote and backward environments, but they also yearn to blossom. As a member of society, Waton hopes to gather more users, more companies and organizations, and more caring people and cross-sector resources through its limited power, to discover and pay attention to these groups that need help, and to form a long-term, diverse, stable, and powerful force of kindness, so that warmth can extend to every corner of the world.