LOS ANGELES, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a notice provided by I-Tiger Global Investment Management Limited: TAKE NOTICE that a petition for an order that receivers be appointed to PREMIER LIFE SETTLEMENT FUND SP (the “Fund“), a segregated portfolio of AQUAM FUNDS SPC, whose registered office is situated at c/o Hermes Corporate Services Ltd., 5th Floor, Zephyr House, 122 Mary Street, George Town Grand Cayman KY1-1206, Cayman Islands has been filed in the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, CAUSE NO: FSD 326 OF 2023 (IKJ).

The petition was presented by Mr. Yu Jiang of Jiangyuhai Community, Qiantang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China (the “Petitioner“). Copies of the petition and supporting affidavit may be obtained free of charge from the Petitioner’s attorneys, Conyers Dill & Pearman LLP at SIX, Cricket Square, Hutchins Drive, P.O Box 2681, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands KY1-1111.

The petition seeks an order that Samuel Cole and Mitchell Mansfield of Kroll (Cayman) Ltd., Strathvale House, 3rd Floor, 90 North Church Street, PO Box 30847, Grand Cayman KY1-1204, Cayman Islands be appointed as joint receivers of the Fund. 

AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that the hearing of the petition will take place on 12 January 2024 at the Law Courts, George Town, Grand Cayman at 2:00pm. Any creditor or shareholder of the Fund may be heard on the questions whether or not a receivership order should be made and, if a receivership order is made, who should be appointed as receiver(s) of the Fund.  Any person intending to appear and be heard on the petition should give at least 3 days’ notice to the Petitioner’s attorneys.