SHANGHAI, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LovelyWholesale (“LW” or “the Company”),an international online shopping e-commerce clothing brand, recently announced a list of its environmental commitments. The company highly focuses on doing online fashion business in a responsible, sustainable, and eco-friendly way, and limiting the impact on the environment, which challenges the company to continually work hard to improve how they operate. This list clarifies all the efforts which LovelyWholesale has done for now and what will do for environmental protection in the future.

Make Clothes More Sustainable

1. Be Functional And Considerate Of Design

LovelyWholesale launched its LW Basic Garment Collection in August 2022. The garments of the LW Basic collection were made with durability and wearability in mind. The clothes can be washed repeatedly without becoming hard and shrinking, and the style is easy to mix and match in daily out-going.

2. Increase Cream-colored Clothing

LovelyWholesale is decreasing its colorful clothing products, meanwhile increasing the cream-colored clothing made of grey cloth. As grey cloth hasn’t been dyed, it can help to save water resource and reduce the impact on the environment.

Reduce Waste From Packaging

1. No Excessive Packing

LW has stopped using cardboard boxes to pack since 2018. “We know that paper packaging makes a product seem premium or with high quality on the customer’s end. Though this decision will probably decrease the score of our customers’ review rating, we still think that we should insist on the right thing to reduce packaging waste.” Leon said.

2. No Split Shipments

LovelyWholesale only sells items which are present in the warehouse. Multi-item orders will not be split into separate packages for shipping to the end customer. All the multi-item orders, including large packages, have been sent altogether since 2021 from LovelyWholesale.

3. Use One Hang Tag

LW reduced its hang tags from two to one to prevent paper waste. “Hang-tag is an important branding opportunity for brands. Many retail companies use 2 or more hang tags to show logos, slogans, and promises to customers. We even considered not putting hang tags on our clothes.” Leon said, “In order to convey a reliability to our customers, we kept one hang tag, and it is recycled paper made.” 

4. No Return Package

LovelyWholesale provides a free return for all customers.

The company’s customer service team always suggests customers keep their size-troubled packages after getting refunds, which will save return shipping costs. “Some size-troubled packages might be a gift to customers’ friends or family. It’s a win-win situation for LW’s customers’ benefits and our planet,” said Leon.
LovelyWholesale will continually explore advancing new and innovative technologies which are eco-friendly in the future. The company welcomes any ideas of sustainable fashion.

About LovelyWholesale: 

Founded in 2010, LovelyWholesale supplies more than 10 thousand types of fashionable clothing, shoes, jewels, sexy lingerie, and accessories. The company focuses on providing higher quality products with competitive prices to customers all over the world. LovelyWholesale customers know they can trust us for everything they need from the latest trend led pieces to celebrity-inspired looks, everyday wardrobe staples, and that ultimate party piece. LovelyWholesale expects every customer can find their loved style and enjoy shopping here. 

LovelyWholesale has factories and warehouses all around the world. With the great advantage of fabric resources and hundreds of fashion buyers, LovelyWholesale can provide customers with the latest fashion trends and affordable prices for the first time. Over the past 11 years of operation, LovelyWholesale has become one of the most popular online fashion stores in North America.

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