This new service allows companies and businesses to make time-to-market decisions faster through the help of an external expert.

SINGAPORE, Feb. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Reeracoen Singapore Pte Ltd, a leading provider of human resource services in Singapore, is proud to announce the launch of their new Expert Network Service (ENS), Brainsight. An extension to Reeracoen’s current suite of services, Brainsight provides companies with comprehensive knowledge and business intelligence.

As a leading recruitment firm that has established connections with companies in different industries, Reeracoen identified that they were well placed to help companies make the right business connections. By gaining access to a network of relevant experts, companies can better manage their resources by gaining a targeted insight into their intended market, assess the viability of new or prospective businesses and get to know prospective business partners.

“Given the current economic climate, companies are becoming increasingly more prudent in their spending. This has led to a surge in demand for expert network services which can be beneficial to businesses seeking sound advice and targeted strategies to survive and even thrive during difficult times.” states Mr. Kosuke Soejima, Reeracoen’s Regional General Manager.

More than 1 million potential experts

As one of Asia’s leading recruiters, Brainsight is the culmination of more than 11 years of experience, an extensive and sophisticated network of more than 12,000 partners with access to more than 1 million potential experts in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Brainsight was created in response to the growing demand for expert network services from our clients,” continues Mr. Soejima. “An expert network can provide guidance on cost-cutting measures, identify new revenue streams, or identify growth opportunities in new markets. Brainsight can help businesses adapt to changes in consumer behaviour and market conditions, and connect businesses with potential partners, investors, or clients. An expert network can help businesses navigate through a recession and emerge stronger on the other side.”

To ensure the right connections are made, the Brainsight team will first interview partners to understand their requirements, before proceeding to source for the right experts. After a thorough screening process, clients will receive a summary of the experts’ profiles, allowing them to choose the experts they would like to connect with for knowledge and industry insights. As seasoned recruiters, the team is adept at screening numerous experts quickly.

Furthermore, given Reeracoen’s foundation in human resources, they are well-placed to help companies navigate the upcoming implementation of the COMPASS framework by the Ministry of Manpower. As the demand for expertise in emerging markets such as FinTech is expected to increase, the inception of Brainsight would provide the ideal solution for decision-makers seeking to bridge the gap between their firms and industry experts.

The ultimate solution

Brainsight is the ultimate solution for companies looking for expert knowledge and insights into specific industries and markets. The team at Brainsight is ready to deliver speed, quality, and accuracy in their services, making them the leading ENS firm in Asia.

With a composition of reliable and proven recruiters, companies can benefit from reliable information, which is essential in expanding businesses and managing resources. While information can be easily obtained online, its reliability cannot be guaranteed due to the presence of fake information.

With Brainsight, companies can obtain accurate information from experts in different industries, helping them overcome language barriers, cultural differences, and other obstacles faced by foreign investors in breaking into local markets.

Reeracoen’s new Brainsight platform will build a matching platform for companies and experts expanding in ASEAN, aiming to achieve 400 matching cases while expanding the scope of business provision to Japan, Europe and the United States in only three years. The company’s overall reach now expands to even more experts and companies throughout the Asia Pacific than ever before.

Reeracoen’s Regional General Manager, Mr. Kosuke Soejima
Reeracoen’s Regional General Manager, Mr. Kosuke Soejima

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