ZAOZHUANG, China, June 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  A news report from The Publicity Department of the CPC Zaozhuang Municipal Committee:

In mid-May, a planning meeting focused on Zaozhuang’s new energy and lithium battery industry chain took place.

The new energy and lithium battery sector is a strategically advantageous and distinctive industry that Zaozhuang has been actively fostering. It serves as a crucial supporting sector in the realization of industrial multiplication, which aims to promote the development of multiple interconnected industries.

This year, Zaozhuang has initiated the industrial multiplication plan with the objective of establishing a modern industrial system known as “6+3”. This system will encompass advanced manufacturing industries such as high-end equipment, high-end chemicals, new materials, new energy, new medicine, and new-generation information technology. Through the implementation of this plan, Zaozhuang aims to propel the industrial economy towards high-quality development.

Seizing the opportunity of Shandong Province’s support for the agglomeration and development of the lithium battery industry, Zaozhuang has successfully cultivated the lithium battery industry as its primary sector. As a testament to this progress, Sunwoda Electronics Co Ltd, one of China’s top 500 companies, has established the Sunwoda power battery project and other initiatives in Zaozhuang High-tech Zone. This investment represents the largest single-investment project in Zaozhuang’s lithium battery industry and remarkably and it took just four months from initial negotiation to project signing.

Presently, Zaozhuang boasts a relatively complete industrial chain in the lithium battery sector, with a total of 116 enterprises operating within the city’s lithium battery industry chain. Remarkably, the operating income of these enterprises has increased by an impressive 118.96% year-on-year.

Zaozhuang regards the lithium battery industry as its primary sector, and strives for high-quality development, forging ahead together in the industrial economy.