GUANGDONG, China, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On the morning of March 7, the Guangdong Provincial Delegation to the Second Session of the 14th National People’s Congress held a plenary meeting at the Capital Hotel. A total of 225 reporters from 102 domestic and foreign media sat in on the meeting for the interview. Delegates such as Huang Kunming, Wang Weizhong, Zhang Hu, Qin Weizhong, and Zeng Jinze responded separately, introduced the new progress and achievements made in promoting high-quality development and modernization construction in Guangdong from different perspectives extensively and in-depth.

Scene of the event
Scene of the event

A reporter from Xinhua News Agency asked about the project “Thousand Villages Demonstration and Ten Thousand Villages Renovation”. In this regard, Huang Kunming summed up the understanding of Guangdong’s deployment and implementation of the project “Thousand Villages Demonstration and Ten Thousand Villages Renovation” with the three sentences of “reciprocal promotion and mutual achievement”, “imperative and destined, seizing the momentum”, “preliminary establishment of the mechanism and attaining of the initial success”. Huang Kunming said that Guangdong in southern China has undergone tremendous changes, the Pearl River Delta region has achieved great development, and the eastern, western and northern regions of Guangdong have witnessed a rapid development. Guangdong attaches importance to promoting the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, and has attained remarkable results. Due to different geographical conditions and different aggregation levels of productivity factors, there is an imbalance in the development of urban and rural areas in Guangdong substantially, which is more reflected in the imbalance in the urban and rural development. Guangdong must face and solve the practical problems in order to introduce mutual promotion and achievement between urban and rural areas. Huang Kunming said that the key to implementing the project “Thousand Villages Demonstration and Ten Thousand Villages Renovation” is the prosperity of industry, science and education as well as people’s livelihood.

A reporter from Channel News Asia Singapore asked about “How could Guangdong achieve the transformation of the manufacturing industry?”. In response, Wang Weizhong said that Guangdong insists on the provincial establishment through the manufacturing. Guangdong’s manufacturing value added accounts for 32.7% of the province’s GDP, accounting for 1/8 of the country’s total, with 8 trillion-level industrial clusters. Guangdong is unswervingly a participant and promoter of the global industrial chain as well as the global value chain, and actively supports enterprises to “Go Global” and participate in the construction of the “B&R Initiative”. According to Wang Weizhong, Guangdong will attach the greatest importance to the real economy and the manufacturing industry. The first move is to adhere to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, cultivate and expand emerging industries, and lead the layout of future industries. The second item on the plot is to stick to the mutual enhancement between the industries, science and technology. The third measure is to insist on the balanced development of large, medium and small enterprises.

A reporter from Sing Tao Daily asked about “How could Guangdong continue to cooperate with Hong Kong and Macao to promote a better integration of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao?” Zhang Hu responded in this regard that Guangdong has strengthened the mutual promotion between industries, science and technology, and promoted greater progress in scientific research in cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao; strengthened all-round connectivity, and further improved the level of facilitation of personnel and vehicle exchanges, customs clearance of goods, cross-border funds, and secure transmission of data; steadily expanded institutional opening-up, and accelerated the construction of new advantages in international cooperation and competition.

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