In recent years, basic research in life science has been developing rapidly, and competition in the industry has been intensifying. How is the development of the global life science industry heading under this market environment? How to build a better life science industry ecosystem? What kind of innovative industrial space do life science enterprises need?

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On September 22nd, the Global Life Science Industry Development Forum & Guangzhou·Gemdale Viseen Longsheng·Huangpu Science and Technology Innovation Park New Product Release was successfully held in Guangzhou, and a series of key issues in the life science industry were discussed in depth. The forum was hosted by Gemdale Viseen Industries. Adhering to the goal and purpose of “based on academia, based on practice, and helping the development and landing of life science industry”, and focusing on the core theme of “Global Incubation, Gemdale Accelerates China’s Transformation”, the strategy of Gemdale Life Science Theme Industrial Park was officially released.

Gemdale’s six major incubators in the United States were newly unveiled, the Bio-Island Life Science Industry Cultivation Fund was unveiled, the Bio-Island Laboratory·(Huangpu) Acceleration/Cultivation Base was unveiled, Gemdale Group’s biomedical investment cultivation system was released, and the life science theme industrial park product standardization was released , also Viseen Lab’s first life science industry model was launched, the “2023 Biomedical Industry Development Blue Book” was released, and 7 major strategies were released. Gemdale will share the most cutting-edge research results and innovations with you through this life science themed industry development forum Concept, achieve industry success with professionalism, and jointly seek the road to future development.

Strategy release (1)
Gemdale’s six major incubators in the United States are newly unveiled

As an enterprise focusing on the development of the life science industry, Gemdale Viseen Industries is committed to build a full industry chain integrating R&D, pilot testing, transformation, and marketization,from incubation and acceleration to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, providing all-round support for the landing of scientific research achievements.

Zhang Jinyuan, the Vice President of Gemdale, said in his welcome speech at the forum that Gemdale Viseen Industries has entered the filed of life science in the U.S. as early as 2014, and has gradually completed the investments in the six major incubation spaces, including San Jose Midtown and Austin Mueller Medical Office Building’s construction. It has also successfully incubated a number of life science companies such as Novita Pharmaceuticals.

It adopts a unique “investment-driven + scenario-based incubation” operating model to form a cycle of attracting investment, incubation and investment, which has helped many biopharmaceutical companies grow. Zhang Jinyuan introduced in detail that the basic situation of Gemdale Viseen Industrial’s first life science theme park in Guangzhou—— Gemdale Viseen Longsheng Huangpu Innovation Park, and expressed his recognition and expectations for the project.

In the face of the rapid development of the global life science industry, Dr. He Biao, an overseas medical and health investor from Gemdale, brought us a more comprehensive and professional perspective in his speech “The Current Situation and Future Development Trends of the Global Life Sciences Industry”:

The bioindustry Market is broad, the prospects are optimistic, and the future of various fields is expected to achieve sustainable growth; excellent scientific research results, innovation and differentiated products will continue to be the core of the success of biotechnology companies; the current biotechnology market conditions are conducive to M&A and collaboration of big pharma; under the current situation, enterprises need to adjust their strategies focus on their fundamentals, and improve the efficiency of business operations; use digital technology to improve manufacturing and supply chain processes, leverage artificial intelligence and other technologies to streamline business engagement models, and cope with the changing regulatory environment and its impact on product pricing.

Subsequently, three life science companies invested by Gemdale Viseen Industry in the United States gave online speeches and demonstrated the six incubator spaces of Gemdale Viseen Industry in the United States. Huang Xingyun, chairman of Novita Pharmaceuticals, said the company is committed to develop breakthrough drugs as new cancer treatments. These small molecule drugs are Fascin-specific inhibitors that can prevent tumor metastasis. This is a major advance because 90% of cancer-related deaths are caused by tumor metastasis.

George Wu, founder and CEO of Amberstone Biosciences, said that tumor microenvironment activation therapy, with “programmable pH-dependent antibodies” as the core, represented the cutting-edge technology in the international medical field. This not only improves the safety and specificity of treatment, reduces the toxic effects on normal cells, but also improves the durability of treatment.

Strategy release (2)
Bio Island Life Science Industry Cultivation Fund unveiled

Subsequently, the Bio-Island Life Science Industry Cultivation Fund was unveiled. It was jointly initiated and established by Bio-Island Laboratory, Guangdong Science and Technology Venture Capital, Nast Investment, and Gemdale Group to jointly build scientific research capabilities, share scientific and technological innovation elements, and jointly create a scientific and technological innovation ecology.

The Bio Island Life Science Industry Cultivation Fund is a gift from Gemdale Group and Guangzhou Bio Island to the development of life science enterprises. The establishment of the fund will further promote the high-quality development of the life science industry in the Greater Bay Area.

At the same time, through the guidance and support of the fund, especially the driving, linking and integrating role of Guangdong Finance, more outstanding talents and enterprises will be attracted to the Greater Bay Area, forming an internationally competitive life science industry cluster and helping Guangzhou Huangpu to become an important innovation hub in the life science field in the Greater Bay Area and even globally.

Strategy release (3)
Biological Island Laboratory·(Huangpu) Acceleration/Cultivation Base Unveiled

The unveiling of the Bio-Island Laboratory·(Huangpu) Acceleration Base and the Bio-Island Life Science Industry Cultivation Fund·(Huangpu) Cultivation Base, jointly established by Gemdale Group and Guangzhou Bio-Island Laboratory, is another accelerator to promote the rapid development of Guangzhou Huangpu life science industry. The establishment of the Huangpu base will connect with the medical science and technology achievement projects invested and cultivated by Gemdale’s US incubation bases (two operating companies, Lifespan BioLabs and Mission Bay), promote the project landing in China, and accelerate their development through the traction of the incubation fund and Lifespan Investments. At the same time, it will also attract more outstanding scientific research talents and teams from China and abroad come to Guangzhou to carry out cutting-edge scientific research and technological innovation. Meanwhile, the base will also provide public services such as technical support and talent training for enterprises to help the rapid development of the life science industry.

Strategy release (4)
Gemdale Group’s Biopharmaceutical Investment Cultivation System 

The incubation and growth of life sciences and the rapid landing are not easy. High capital investment thresholds and long transformation cycles may become reasons for failure. The unique vision, long-term cultivation and innate high-tech industry genes have formed a unique operating model and circular drive belonging to Gemdale Viseen Industry, and empowered high-tech industries with industrial park as the carrier in practice.

In recent years, Gemdale Group has invested in funds such as Lilly AsiaVentures, WuXi Biologics, Northern Lights, and CMB International, adopting a unique “investment-driven + scenario-based incubation” operating model to form a cyclical drive for attracting investment in business, incubation, and investment to assist enterprises develop. In the research and practice, a biomedical investment cultivation fund system and cultivation base with Gemdale characteristics have been formed.

Test standards with practice, refine majors with standards, and accelerate the future with professionalism. At the event, Zhou Shuo, Chief Strategic Management Manager of Gemdale Group, introduced the important preparations and significance “Innovation-Investment-Incubation-Industry” life science collaborative innovation system.

From the experience and practices in terms of element composition, channel path, system construction and future development planning, he also explained to us the two major features of Gemdale Group’s life sciences collaborative innovation system, namely the allocation of national systematic innovation factors and two-way offshore innovation incubation.

This system is well practiced Gemdale Viseen Longsheng Huangpu Innovation Park in Guangzhou. Gemdale Group has joined forces with Bioland Lab, Yueke,Naste and Bioisland to build the systematic cooperation of “innovation-investment-incubation-industry”, establishes an incubation and introduction channel for international scientific and technological achievements and an investment, which has successfully helped many biopharmaceutical companies accelerate their growth.

Strategy release (5)
Gemdale Viseen Life Science Industrial Park product standardization released

Liu Yide, General Manager of Gemdale Viseen Industrial Product Management Center, said that Gemdale Viseen Industrial Life Science Product Competency Standards are based on the actual needs of corporate customers, according to different segments of the industry, in-depth analysis of key equipment, and special needs, forming the standards include three major modules of building, structure and electromechanical, as well as 19 sub-items such as area, floor height, load-bearing, and power distribution, and 114 representative standard products.

At the same time, on this basis, the first life science industry demonstration space product strength standard has been created, which will set a new benchmark for the development of the life science industry. This standard aims to improve product quality, strengthen industry standards, promote industrial innovation, and provide companies with a safer and more efficient life science exclusive production and R&D space.

Behind these standards, Gemdale Viseen spent one year intensively researching successful cases and life science-related companies, and united internal and external experts to conduct detailed standardization work for the products of industrial park. The standardization is also a solid starting point for the future.

Strategy Release (6)
Viseen Lab. first life science industry model launched

Fulfil plans, achieve standards, and implement results. The event showcased Gemdale Viseen first innovative industry model space——Viseen Lab. Life Science Industry Demonstration Space.

Viseen Lab.Industrial Demonstration Space demonstrated in detail aspects such as column spacing, floor height, floor load, load-bearing, maintenance height, exhaust system, freight system, etc., and presented different types of products according to different policies in different regions.

Strategy release (7)
“2023 Biomedical Industry Development Blue Book”

In order to promote the development of the industry and consolidate service capabilities, Gemdale Viseen Industrial Research Institute officially released the “2023 Biopharmaceutical Industry Development Blue Book”. The book has a total of 200,000 words and 5 chapters. The book uses big data to analyze the global scale and domestic development of the biopharmaceutical industry, focusing on analyzing the development status of the four typical cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Guangzhou. This will allow everyone to have a clearer understanding of the development context and trends of this industry and help complete the transformation of life science in China.

Ge Peijian, President of Gemdale Viseen Industrial Research Institute, gave us a detailed introduction to the scale and growth rate of the global biopharmaceutical industry, the development pattern of China biopharmaceutical industry, and the future development of biopharmaceutical layout in representative cities such as Shanghai, Suzhou, and Beijing. He believes that this book is instructive in the industry, authoritative in terms of data, and applicable in details such as innovation platforms.

Finally, Gemdale Viseen Life Science Industry Ecosystem was officially launched. This means that the future ecosystem will attract more innovative talents and teams, as well as more social capital and innovation resources. Guangzhou Huangpu will also use this help to form a life science industry innovation center with global influence. At the same time, the establishment of this ecosystem will also inject new vitality into the life science industry in the the the Greater Bay Areaand make positive contributions to the health of the people.

Release New Product
Gemdale Viseen Longsheng·Huangpu Innovation Park in Guangzhou

Use your works to amaze expectations and practice the development of life sciences. Gemdale Viseen has released the new products in Guangzhou Huangpu. Under the introduction of Bai Fan, general manager of Gemdale Viseen, we learned that the formation of the project was based on a large amount of research and understanding of the needs of biomedical companies. In view of the current pain points and needs of biomedical companies, Gemdale Viseen set extremely high product standards, including good ecology, great lighting, complete set of supporting facilities, convenient transportation, high quality service, and other advantageous innovations, have created a model for Huangpu three-dimensional space.

The project has a total construction area of approximately 167,000 square meters. It is located in the innovation hub of Guangzhou Development Zone, and belongs to the innovative industry group of the southern area of Guangzhou Science City. It is committed to becoming an “ideal+” space for biopharmaceutical companies. The release of new products from Gemdale Viseen Longsheng·Huangpu Innovation Park is not only a fulfillment of the “Gemdale Viseen Product Competence Standard”, but also forceful measures to further promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading in the field of life science, to improve the overall competition in the industry. Currently, companies that have settled in the park include Canton Biologics, Saite Intelligence, and Songkang Huizhong Company.


Professionalism creates excellent industry. Gemdale Viseen believes the future of the life science industry, and more firmly believes in the development of Huangpu Innovation Park in Guangzhou. Gemdale Viseen is willing to work with you to help industrial development and the future of life science industry.