BEIJING, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On April 7th The TOJOY Science and Technology Association celebrated its first anniversary in Beijing. The association is comprised of scientific and tech workers within Chinese business accelerator TOJOY and the Beijing Association for Science and Technology’s membership. The association leverages innovative technology to empower the scaling and upgrading of enterprises through TOJOY’s acceleration platform.

The association was founded last year at the TOJOY Association Congress. TOJOY CEO Ge Jun served as the chairman of the congress’s first committee. In July of the same year, Ge Jun was elected as a member of the Tenth Committee of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology.

At the anniversary meeting, Ge Jun commented on TOJOY’s consistent support and enablement of the promotion of innovative technology in business as a key part of value creation and enterprise competitiveness.

As of 2022 TOJOY had hosted more than 12,000 online and offline innovation project roadshows, promoting more than 9,000 science and tech innovations in partnership with TOJOY Boss Cloud and innovative companies accelerated on the TOJOY platform.

TOJOY CEO Ge Jun speaks at the TOJOY Association for Science and Tech Anniversary
TOJOY CEO Ge Jun speaks at the TOJOY Association for Science and Tech Anniversary

According to the company, TOJOY’s business acceleration platform was built with scientific innovation as a key contributor to the success of the enterprises accelerated on its service platform. Cooperation and exchanges between entrepreneurs have been increasingly stimulated as the company has integrated innovative tech and practices into its platform, helping thousands of member businesses to transform and upgrade their business models. Such digital programs include TOJOY’s Boss Code Business Card and Yuan Universe Live Studio.

At the event Ge also announced TOJOY’s Science and Technology Innovation Pioneer List. The list will recognize entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers for their contributions to innovation in China. The upcoming list announcement is promoted as an opportunity for high-quality, high-value networking and exchange for those in China’s science and technology industries.