BUFFALO GROVE, III., June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — During the AIC (All in Caravaning) June 17, 2023, Eco-dynamic, a pioneering solar tech company, introduced their groundbreaking innovation – Artpiece for RV 1000W, the World’s First Colored Solar Awning. It was being unveiled at an exclusive new product launch conference, in the presence of RV industry experts, and professional media.

AIC, one of the largest Chinese RV exhibitions, served as the amazing platform to showcase this game-changing solution. The Artpiece for RV 1000W captivated and impressed all those in attendance, leaving a lasting impression.

“Artpiece for RV 1000W combines sustainability, artistry, convenience, and cutting-edge technology. It will transform the way we experience the open road and bring a new level of freedom to your RV trip.” said Michael Soon, VP of Business Development of Eco-dynamic.

The Artpiece for RV 1000W converts solar energy into off-grid power for RVers. With 1000W power output, it features colorful patterns on its solar cells through Eco-dynamic’s Kalaflex Technology, offering a stylish alternative to traditional black or dark blue solar panels. The lightweight, rollable solar modules can be set up and taken down quickly, thanks to the button-control capability that extends the modules within seconds.

Designed for long-haul RV trips, the Artpiece includes integrated LED lights within the awning, ensuring well-lit evenings even after sunset. Built with durable and flexible ETFE technology, it can withstand harsh UV rays, water exposure, and chemical damage. The aluminum frame arms are engineered to withstand force 6 winds up to 31 MPH, providing peace of mind for RVers.

“Artpiece for RV 1000W is just the beginning of our product line, with our in-depth expertise in the solar industry many more innovative offerings are on the horizon.” After showing the highlights of Artpiece for RV 1000W, Michael added.

From June 10-July 31, 2023, Eco-dynamic is offering 25% off, with only a $100 deposit. If visitors register on the website for the first time, they will receive a code that knocks $50 off the deposit cost, making it only $50 for the initial deposit.

About Eco-dynamic Tech

Eco-dynamic Tech is a technology-driven company with breakthrough solar tech patents dedicated to harnessing the power of the sun and redefining renewable energy.

For more information, please visit: https://www.econamictech.com