“We will solve bee farm pests and wasp damage with SMARTHIVE products.”

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Products have been released to minimize damage to domestic and foreign beekeepers, such as Varroa mite, small hive beetles, and wasps (long-lived wasps, black wasps), which caused great damage to the beekeeping industry.

Plasma Ozone Beekeeping Storerage , Hornet Trap , Hive Controller
Plasma Ozone Beekeeping Storerage , Hornet Trap , Hive Controller

Daesung SMARTHIVE, a beekeeping automation device company, announced on the 29th that it is resonating with the beekeeping industry by releasing new products such as plasma ozone storage and Hornet Trap.

The Plasma Ozone Beekeeping storeroom and Hornet trap products were installed first at beekeeping farms in Korea completing empirical tests and verifying productivity and technology.

Plasma ozone beekeeping storeroom is an eco-friendly technology that dramatically improves the effect of sterilization, disinfection, and odor removal, and can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances by storing contaminated objects inside the storage.

Existing beekeeping farms incinerated beehives when pests and diseases such as Varroa mite occurred in beehives, but using plasma ozone beekeeping storage, beehives can be recycled without incineration. In addition, the product is an eco-friendly product such as reducing carbon dioxide generation. 

Plasma ozone technology applied to storage can continue to produce uniform effects such as odor removal and air purification as the product operates, so it can be widely used not only bee farms but also for sterilization and odor removal in livestock farms.

The hornet trap is an eco-friendly product that does not use separate incentives such as fermented liquids.

The existing wasp capture does not selectively attract wasps, and the function of attracting and killing all insects around the catcher is causing great damage to the insect ecosystem.

When installed at the entrance of the hive, the hornet trap used the habit of wasp following honeybees. Wasps that enter the trap are trapped in the capture frame due to their habits, and honeybees can enter the hive safely and freely through the honeybee passage.

It is possible to reduce the cost of labor and other pest control products because they do not have to live directly in bee farms and remove wasps one by one.

Smarthive’s long-selling product, the Hive controller, is popular with Korean beekeepers. Hive Controller is a portable smart beekeeping system that safely takes out honeycombs from beehives, brushes bees and stacks honeycombs outside beehives in approximately a minute. 

Meanwhile, Daesung Smarthive, signed MOUs with Spain, the UK, Uzbekistan.