SINGAPORE, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CytoMed Therapeutics Limited (“CytoMed” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: GDTC), a biopharmaceutical company focused on harnessing its licensed proprietary technologies to create novel allogeneic cell-based immunotherapies for the treatment of human cancers, will commemorate the closing of its initial public offering (“IPO”) on April 18, 2023, by ringing the closing bell at Nasdaq this afternoon.

CytoMed was formed in 2018, when it was spun off from Singapore’s leading public Research and Development agency, the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research, or A*STAR, with a mission to produce more effective and affordable cellular immunotherapies for a wide range of solid and blood-based cancers. Cellular immunotherapies harness the immune system’s ability to target and destroy cancer cells and offer a potentially life-changing option for patients where traditional approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation have failed. These therapies have historically been extremely expensive and complex to manufacture and administer. They have been designed on a patient-by-patient basis using the specific cancer patient’s own blood cells and typically only target the receptors of one specific cancer cell.

CytoMed’s manufacturing process utilizes noninvasive blood draws from healthy donors to create scalable, “off-the-shelf” therapies that are allogenic, naturally expressing an array of built-in receptors to recognize a multitude of cancers that are expected to be effective for a spectrum of patients without the need for expensive matching. The standardized process and broad application should allow for a more affordable treatment option for patients and may also reduce the risk of “on-target, off-cancer” side effects. The leading therapeutic clinical candidate leverages chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) gamma delta t cells and has been engineered to target cancers in a broad range of blood-based and solid cancers. Currently available chimeric antigen receptor t-cells (CAR T-Cell) therapies are being used to treat hematologic cancers but have not yet been successfully adapted for the treatment of solid cancers. CytoMed hopes to be able to change that.

“Our ability to drive innovation is a testament to Singapore’s support for cutting-edge life science research, the resourcefulness of this management team, and our dedication to provide a better quality of life for those facing life-threatening diseases,” said Peter Choo Chee Kong, Chairman of CytoMed, “While we are a small company today, our ambition is to revolutionize the impact of cellular immunotherapies and extend human life.”

The completion of the Company’s IPO and listing on Nasdaq is a critical step in the Company’s development. The proceeds from the IPO are intended to be used by CytoMed to advance CTM-N2D through Phase I trials and the initiation of a Phase II clinical trial and to continue development of its other two therapeutic platforms, iPSC-gdNKT and CTM-GDT.  CytoMed anticipates that being a publicly listed company will raise its profile with international partners.

About CytoMed

Incorporated in 2018, CytoMed was spun off from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore’s national research and development agency in the public sector.  CytoMed is a biopharmaceutical company focused on harnessing its licensed proprietary technologies to create novel cell-based immunotherapies for the treatment of human cancers. The development of novel technologies has been inspired by the clinical success of existing CAR T-Cell therapy in treating hematological malignancies as well as the current clinical limitations and commercial challenges in extrapolating the CAR T-Cell therapy principle into treatment of solid tumors. For more information about CytoMed, please visit

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