– Coway’s NOBLE range, which includes air humidifiers, air dehumidifiers, induction cooktops, and water purifiers, is recognized as a Finalist in the Home category

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coway Co., Ltd., “The Best Life Solution Company,”  received esteemed awards for the NOBLE range’s design excellence at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2022.

(Clockwise from upper left) NOBLE Water Purifier Series,  NOBLE Induction Freedom Series,  NOBLE Air Care Solution Series - NOBLE Humidifier (AM-1421G), NOBLE Dehumidifier (AD-1221E)
(Clockwise from upper left) NOBLE Water Purifier Series, NOBLE Induction Freedom Series, NOBLE Air Care Solution Series – NOBLE Humidifier (AM-1421G), NOBLE Dehumidifier (AD-1221E)

Hosted annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), IDEA is one of the most influential design awards programs in North America. IDEA honors excellence in design and awards products that push the industry forward with new ways to improve everyday life.

This year’s IDEA have recognized all 3 of the series that make up Coway’s Noble Collections as Finalists in the Home category — the NOBLE Air Care Solution Series, the NOBLE Induction Freedom Series, and the NOBLE Water Purifier Series.

The Coway NOBLE Air Care Solution Series and NOBLE Induction Freedom Series now have a grand slam of the world’s top three international design awards to their name, with accolades from the Red Dot Design Award 2022, the iF Design Award 2022, and the IDEA 2022.

Every product within the Noble Collection has won award at IDEA, including the first product to launch, the NOBLE Air Purifier. This attests to the innovative design and technology of Coway’s premium design appliance range.

The Noble Collection epitomizes Coway’s three key design principles: blending into the space, optimizing performance, and delivering a state-of-the-art user experience. Through the simplicity of focusing on the product’s original functions, the designs harmonize with their surroundings to compliment any home aesthetic.

The NOBLE Air Care Solution Series is a comprehensive air quality management solution that solves various domestic concerns with air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers that all feature the signature architecture-inspired design. The NOBLE Air Care Solution Series carries on NOBLE’s unique design identity with its hallmark tower and horizontal layer design. All products feature muted colorways inspired by nature’s beauty to harmonize with any decor.

The NOBLE Induction Freedom Series features an all-new type of induction cooktop that uses the entire cooktop with borderless burners. It maximizes cooking space and user convenience, with the whole stovetop as one large cooking zone. Users can cook more comfortably with the freedom to place varying pans anywhere they fit as it automatically detects the position and shape of the cookware, then adjusts the burner size.

“We believe Coway’s premium design appliance brand NOBLE is raising the bar for global home appliances by introducing designs that combine aesthetic sensibilities with powerful performance,” said Hyun Joo Song, head of the Design Center at Coway. “We aim to continue innovating ingenious design and technology that elevates our customers’ daily lives.”

About Coway Co., Ltd. 

Established in Korea in 1989, Coway, “The Best Life Solution Company,” is a leading environmental home appliances company making people’s lives healthy and comfortable with innovative home appliances such as water purifiers, air purifiers, bidets, and mattresses. Since being founded, Coway has become a leader in the environmental home appliances industry, with intensive research, engineering, development, and customer service. The company has proven dedication to innovation with award-winning products, home health expertise, unrivaled market share, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition. Coway continues to innovate by diversifying product lines and accelerating overseas business in Malaysia, USA, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, and Europe, based on the business success in Korea. For more information, please visit http://www.coway.com/ or http://newsroom.coway.com.