HONG KONG, May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CLPS Incorporation (the “Company” or “CLPS”) (Nasdaq: CLPS), honors IBM’s 60th anniversary in the mainframe industry and its unwavering commitment to fostering future talents.

Since the 1964 launch of its first modern mainframe, the IBM System/360, IBM’s dedication to reliability, security, and performance has made mainframe a cornerstone of global digital transformation for large enterprises. This milestone coincides with its launch of Mainframe Skills Council, a global initiative promoting a skilled and diverse mainframe workforce.

For nearly two decades, CLPS has been actively developing exceptional mainframe talents. Leveraging its deep knowledge and experience, CLPS offers an industry-leading training program, the Talent Creation Program (“TCP”), designed to equip recent graduates with the skills for a successful career such as in mainframe technology. The six-month TCP curriculum balances theoretical foundations with practical application. The initial two months focus on core mainframe concepts like JCL, COBOL, PL/1, QSAM, VSAM, DB2, and CICS. To ensure well-rounded professionals, the program also incorporates business English, soft skills, and banking industry knowledge. The following four months emphasize hands-on training.

Meanwhile, CLPS has its own virtual banking platform, providing learners with practical, user-friendly projects. By integrating experienced local and international instructors, industry-standard textbooks, diverse learning platforms, and real-world project materials, CLPS creates a comprehensive platform for developing mainframe talent. This wide-ranging approach ensures graduates are highly skilled professionals with practical experience. Such commitment has yielded over 6,000 competent graduates for well-known financial institutions across the U.S., Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other regions. This success highlights CLPS’s service efficiency and quality, widely recognized within the industry. The Company remains dedicated to enhancing its global mainframe talent delivery capabilities through continued world-class training programs.

“The launch of IBM’s Mainframe Skills Council is a significant step forward for developing the next generation of mainframe talent,” said Mr. Raymond Lin, Chief Executive Officer of CLPS. “It represents a new era of collaboration in fostering a skilled mainframe workforce. As a pioneer in cultivating mainframe talent in China, CLPS recognizes the immense value of this initiative for our TCP and TDP plans. We are committed to further strengthening our mainframe training and education programs by investing resources to deliver even more qualified mainframe professionals to our clients.”

Coinciding with IBM’s 60th anniversary of its first modern mainframe, CLPS reiterates its deep appreciation for IBM’s contribution. Looking ahead, CLPS will work closely with IBM and other industry leaders to cultivate mainframe talent. Through this collaboration, CLPS aims to provide robust support for the modernization and digital transformation efforts of global corporations.

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