BEIJING, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On December 9, the visiting delegation consists of translation celebrities and foreign media hosted by the CICG Academy of Translation and Interpretation – “Experience the Vitality of Zhongshan Tour” visited the “Intelligent Production in Zhongshan” in-depth. In April 2022, the three Chinese astronauts who docked in orbit for six months for the first time returned to the earth and triumphed, making the world pay attention to them, and the equipment that “convoyed” them included “Intelligent Production in Zhongshan”: On the China Space Station, two aerospace microwave ovens that provided them with cooking services for three meals a day came from the Galanz Group Zhongshan Base; the “convoying chair” where the astronauts were lying after leaving the warehouse was also developed and manufactured by a Zhongshan Enterprise – Sitting Sense Technology Co., Ltd.

The visiting group experiencing the “smart cooking” at the cooking Center of the Zhongshan Base of Galanz Group
The visiting group experiencing the “smart cooking” at the cooking Center of the Zhongshan Base of Galanz Group

According to Chen Min, head of Sitting Sense Technology, the company’s R&D team spent half a year boldly innovating and developing this special chair in many ways, which can comprehensively and effectively cushion the head, neck, waist and hips of astronauts, playing a role in supporting the whole body, and helping astronauts who have lived in space for a long time to adapt to Earth’s gravity. Behind the “convoying” is the accumulated strength of this national high-tech private enterprise in the field of office seat R&D and manufacturing for more than 20 years.

“It doesn’t look any different from other chairs, but why is it so comfortable to sit on?” The members of the delegation praised an office chair after experiencing sitting on it. Chen Min said that unlike general office chairs, which are based on ergonomics, Sitting Sense Technology advocates re-designing office chairs from a medical perspective, researching and developing chairs based on human biomechanics theories such as rehabilitation and chiropractic to make them more suitable for human needs. Nowadays, Sit Sense Technology has been highly recognized by overseas consumers and has become a seat provider for many Forbes Top500 companies and large international conferences.

At the Galanz Group’s Zhongshan Base, the delegation visited its “smart factory” – a microwave oven production workshop up close: hundreds of robots waving its arms, after firmly “grabbing” parts with suction cups, quickly and accurately placed them in the corresponding position of the machine tool. After processing the parts, the next robot “took them away” to start the next processing stage. Zou Nengji, vice president of Galanz Group, said that since the transformation of the production of civil microwave ovens in the early 1990s, Galanz has accumulated the experience of research and development over more than three decades. After the long-term technological innovation, it has now broken through the technical barriers of foreign manufacturers, has many core technologies in the field of microwave ovens, and has achieved global leadership in the production and sale of microwave ovens.

From industrial city to strong industrial city to high-quality development, the “Intelligent Production in Zhongshan” has not only burst out the innovation vitality of the private economy in Zhongshan, but also a broader development platform.

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