GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair” or “the Fair”), a global trade behemoth, is focusing on the burgeoning global demand for smart home living. Its online platform has assembled a collection of 3330 home electronics and appliance brands, offering a wider range of options for global consumers.

Lu’an Soyea Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (“Soyea”), an industry leader in “smart digital kitchen appliances,” is making waves at the Fair with its impressive range of products. Spearheading the field of smart digital cooking robots, Soyea has created an industrial cluster that embodies excellence and innovation. The company’s showcased products, such as Robot Chef-Angel and Robot Chef-Master, boast an array of features including operation automation and cooking fume self-treatment. Experience the next generation of intelligent and automated kitchen living with Soyea’s exceptional kitchen appliances at its Canton Fair page:

Mamibot Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a global leader in the development and production of home service robots, and a renowned name in the European robotics field, is showcasing its latest innovation at the Canton Fair. Its flagship Robot Lawn Mower, is equipped with advanced infrared, rain, pressure, and tilt sensors. This intelligent device can plan cutting paths, avoid obstacles, climb easily, and monitor the external environment. For more information, visit the Mamibot Canton Fair page at

The well-established manufacturer of cleaning appliances Suzhou EUP Electric Co., Ltd. (“EUP Electric”) also brought its most recent intelligent cleaning robot, the Robotic Vacuum, to the Canton Fair. This product has infrared anti-collision and anti-drop sensors, and intelligent gyroscope navigation. On top of independently completing suction and drag operation on the ground, it has the ability to intelligently sense the surroundings, traverse 2CM barriers, and efficiently avoid mishaps brought on by falls, enabling consumers to free their hands and enjoy a tidy home. Visit EUP Electric’s Canton Fair page at to learn more about the products.

The 134th Canton Fair will open on Oct 15 in Guangzhou, check out dates of each phase at its official website For the convenience of visitors, all overseas new and regular buyers, purchasing agents can complete pre-registration in advance for onsite attendance. New buyers can pre-register through Canton Fair’s Buyer E-Service Tool (“BEST” platform), while regular buyers can start their journey through the official website, the BEST platform, or Canton Fair email pre-registration. Buyers who’ve  completed pre-registration will get their first Badge free, receive a gift and enjoy quick entry.