SINGAPORE, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Linguaskill, an advanced AI-Powered English language learning test for higher education institutions and corporate sectors developed by Cambridge University Press & Assessment, has proven to be an invaluable tool that empowers employers across Asia to ensure their teams have the requisite language skills to compete internationally. Linguaskill positioned itself to take full advantage moving forward of the transformation that has taken place in the online learning and working spheres during the pandemic.

Linguaskill from Cambridge
Linguaskill from Cambridge

In response to a huge demand for English skills for education and workplaces worldwide and building on vast experience developing the world’s leading examinations for language learners and teachers, including the Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS, the Cambridge-developed Linguaskill Test is available in two versions, Linguaskill General and Linguaskill Business. Companies are integrating Linguaskill to screen new candidates and as a core aspect of their in-house training programme as a standard for internal promotion which has been a motivator for staff to attend language training programmes. 

“Our exams have helped more than 55 million people worldwide to learn English and prove their skills to the world, and our unique experience and expertise put Cambridge in a prime position to help bridge the communications gap in the Asia Pacific region. As Asia continues to internationalise, stronger English language skills will help businesses unlock opportunities and compete on the global stage. Linguaskill will help organisations to recruit the right people and shape more effective training programmes,” added Francesca Woodward.

Ready for the future, thoroughly adaptive and covering the four key language skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, Linguaskill utilises advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to individually tailor tests to each candidate’s ability, allowing for a personalized experience. The tech behind Linguaskill, backed by Cambridge research and trialled by speakers of over 40 languages from 50 countries, is constantly working to ensure reliability by adjusting questions, making them easier or harder depending on the test-taker’s level. The system then quickly and accurately determines the candidate’s English level and grade.

Francesca Woodward, Global Managing Director, English of Cambridge University Press & Assessment, said, “Linguaskill helps employers recruit people with the right language skills – not just a passive knowledge of English, but the ability to communicate effectively. As such, Linguaskill was developed to simplify the process of determining the language skills of job applicants and audit the language skills of existing staff to plan and evaluate training.”

Linguaskill is easy to administer for individuals or groups of candidates because it is one test for people of all levels, from basic to advanced. The multi-level online test also simplifies testing by allowing organisations to operate and invigilate at their own venue. Within 48 hours, administrators can access a comprehensive, in-depth report and results are internationally recognized, as they are aligned with Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the global standard for describing language ability. The speediness of the reports allows organisations to make informed decisions on recruiting candidates with the right language skills and helping individuals improve their language proficiency over time.

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For organisations that are interested in offering Linguaskill to their students, staff or clients, find out more here and if you are a candidate who wants to take a Linguaskill Test, find a centre to book your exam.


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